Approval to Hire: Part 1 – Introduction

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This article is written to bring awareness to an HR practice called the Approval to Hire (ATH) process. The ATH process is a leading practice which ensures that all approvals are documented and in place before someone is hired into a position with the company.

During a well-developed hiring process, the recruitment team and hiring manager will go through an Approval to Hire (ATH) process. This process determines and approves a prospective employee’s total rewards and includes documenting the candidate’s information, job-related information, and justifications to their compensation package captured in the ATH Form.

The HR Department oversees the ATH process and completes the ATH Form. Those from the HR Department are the only individuals who are privy to review and sign off on the ATH Form, as it contains personal and private information regarding the candidate and how compensation was determined. Once the form is completed and approved, the information gained is used to complete the candidate’s offer of employment, which is why it is crucial that the ATH Form has accurate information and is approved.

Note: A copy of this form will be used by payroll to ensure that the new employee’s profile is set up accordingly and that they are paid accurately.

While many larger organizations are fortunate to have their policies, templates, and processes available electronically via their HRIS (Human Resources Information System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, for those small to medium sized organizations that do not have the financial means, the downloadable forms upcoming in this series will be a benefit to cut back on costs.

Now that you have been introduced to what the ATH process is, we would like to bring your attention to the three different forms to choose from for your business’s specific needs: Candidate Total Rewards Form, Internal Benchmarking Form, and Salary Survey Benchmarking Form. These forms all follow the same completion and approval processes; the only difference is the amount of information and data on each form.

Please stay tuned for part 2 of this series when we discuss the first form, Candidate Total Rewards, which will come with a downloadable and interactive form.

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