Approval to Terminate: Part 2 – Approval to Terminate Form

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This article is written to explain and provide you with the Approval to Terminate (ATT) Form which can be used for your business to record information relating to a terminating employee and their final pay calculation.

In part 1 of this series, we introduced to you the leading Approval to Terminate (ATT) process, which is overseen by the HR function, and explained that there is an ATT Form which can be used to capture pertinent information relating to a termination and the final pay calculations. In this part, we are going to discuss the ATT Form.

When you download the ATT Form, you will find it has been split into six sections:

I. Employee Information
II. Current Total Compensation
III. Statutory and Policy Payments
IV. Severance Calculation (Released Required)
V. Additional Notes
VI. Approvals

It is vital that the form captures accurate information directly related to the termination only as:

    • The form displays a standard on how the company handles and administers termination payouts
    • The information is translated into the termination communiques which the terminating employee receives
    • Payroll utilizes this form to ensure the terminating employee receives accurate payment
    • The form is documentation and can be used as evidence during legal proceedings

Now that you have been introduced to the ATT Form, here are some quick tips about the document.

General Notes about the Document Type

This form has been developed using Excel, as this application offers more feature capabilities which:

    • Reduces manual entries
    • Automates calculations using formulas
    • Increases efficiency when adjusting tables, cells, columns, fonts, colours, or other formats
    • Allows you to effortlessly type information into the cells
    • Allows you to easily add, delete, or insert rows and columns (as seen in a video included below)
    • Allows you to effortlessly add or delete notes/comments to cells (as seen in a video included below)
    • Allows you to configure cells to show data in various formats like text, date, percentage, currency, etc.

There is so much more to Excel, however, these are just the basic functions to know with this form.

Applying this Workbook for Your Business’s Branding

    • Reformat the workbook to meet your company’s branding initiatives (i.e. logo, colours, font, etc.)
    • The company logo is inserted in Row 1 (cell A1)
    • The form’s title is typed in Row 1 (font right alignment)
    • The company’s primary colour is used for the headers

Note: Using grayscale is acceptable if your company’s primary colours are difficult to read (i.e. Neon).

Using this Workbook

  • This workbook has three tabs:
    • Example – displays how a completed form would look
    • ATT Form – an uncompleted form for you to use
    • Data – a tab in the workbook where the “Daily Rate” and “Hourly Wage Rate” dropdown options are stored, with explanations
  • Comments were added to this workbook to provide clarification on the terms or formulas used
    • Comments are displayed as a red triangle in the top, right-hand side of a cell. To view the comment, hover your mouse over the cell to disclose what it reads.
  • Type information only in the cells that are highlighted in yellow
  • Any cells in columns B, D, and G that are not highlighted are formulated to calculate data
  • Hide the Row(s) which the candidate does not receive
  • Match the naming conventions that your company uses

This brings us to the end of this part of the series on the Approval to Terminate (ATT) process. If you require assistance with the development of your offboarding process, approval to terminate process, or the form please speak with a BIG Representative for assistance!

Excel – Rows & Columns

Excel – Notes & Comments

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If you require assistance with any of the guides, forms or templates, please contact a BIG representative.

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