Benefits of Implementing Uniforms for Your Business: Part 1 – Building Brand Identity

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This article discusses the first benefit of implementing uniforms in your business: Building Brand Identity.

Most of us start with that familiar sound of the alarm going off in the morning, which cues the beginning of our morning routine. This means it is time to get up and get dressed in our work clothes for the day. For some this means adhering to a dress code with their own clothing, and for others this means dressing in a company uniform. For the purpose of this article, we are going to consider uniforms as company branded attire that must be worn while at work. Some may love the idea of having to get dressed in a work uniform, while others may love their own clothing and detest having to dress in a uniform every workday. While there may be many positives and negatives for the employees who are wearing uniforms, we are going to focus on the first of 5 benefits your business and culture may experience from implementing workplace uniforms. Starting with how it Builds Brand Identity.

Building Brand Identity

Your brand identity is all of the visual elements of your brand that together identify and distinguish your brand in the customer’s eyes. This would include your logo, colours, design, shapes, or any other visual elements used for your products, services, or promotions. In other words, a strong brand identity means your brand is easily recognized by customer’s when they see the visuals of your brand.

So how does a uniform build on your brand identity? When employees are wearing their company uniforms, they are basically a walking advertisement! Your company name and/or logo is visible to any wandering eyes as they walk by, or as the employees help customers. Creating this visibility of your company’s brand brings brand awareness, while the actual physical appearance of the uniform with your company’s logo will reinforce your brand’s identity. Having distinguishable company uniforms allows your customers to make an instant connection to your brand, which is creating brand recognition and helps your customers to know what to expect with your brand. All of the brand elements, awareness, recognition, and trust, help in engaging your customers, which we know leads to more interactions with your products and services!

Uniforms for Your Business

These are just some of the great benefits for a business that comes from wearing the same clothing! For those of you that already have uniforms implemented at your place of business, we hope that this has brought some light to the rewards you may already be experiencing from your uniforms. If you do not already have uniforms, and are interested in building your brand identity, then it sounds like uniforms may be in your company’s BIG future; the decision is in your hands!

For more great benefits, continue reading the next article in our series “Implementing Uniforms for Your Business: Part 2 – Creates a Sense of Unity”.

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