Benefits of Implementing Uniforms for Your Business: Part 4 – Meet Industry Standards

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This article discusses the fourth benefit of implementing uniforms in your business, how uniforms can help your business meet industry standards.

Most of us start with that familiar sound of the alarm going off in the morning, which cues the beginning of our morning routine. This means it is time to get up and get dressed in our work clothes for the day. For the purpose of this article, we are going to consider uniforms as company branded attire that must be worn while at work. While there may be many positives and negatives for the employees who are wearing uniforms, we are going to focus on the 4th of our 5 benefits your business and culture may experience from implementing workplace uniforms: Meet Industry Standards.

Meet Industry Standards

If you think of specific industries such as hospitality or food services, they tend to demand a certain uniform. These uniforms provide recognition for the customers that are interacting with the employees, while also promoting a consistent and professional front for the employees to serve their customers. When you walk down the halls of a hotel, you can tell who the staff members are by their typical attire of a collared shirt with a nametag, and slacks. At a restaurant, you are able to tell the serving staff apart from the chefs in the kitchen. When you walk into your favorite fast-food joint, you see those hats or visors and know exactly which people are the staff members.

While some brands find their identity through unique uniforms that stand out from the others, there are certain industries where a traditional uniform provides great value to the customers as it provides something that the customer can expect. We’ve most likely all had that embarrassing moment when we walk up to someone in a store for some help, only to realize they don’t work there, and we’ve just disrupted a complete stranger. Those moments don’t leave people feeling very positive or empowered and may even lead to them associating that negative experience with the company’s brand; all of which could have been avoided with a simple, recognizable uniform. When customers know what to expect, it creates a sense of trust with your brand and encourages them to interact with your services or products.

Uniforms for Your Business

These are just some of the great benefits for a business that comes from wearing the same clothing! For those of you that already have uniforms implemented at your place of business, we hope that this has brought some light to the rewards you may already be experiencing from your uniforms. If you do not already have uniforms, and are needing to comply to industry standards, then it sounds like uniforms may be in your company’s BIG future; the decision is in your hands!

For more great benefits, continue reading the next article in our series “Implementing Uniforms for Your Business: Part 5 – Safety”.

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