Benefits of Instagram for Your Business: Part 1

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This article discusses the first 4 benefits of using an Instagram business profile for your business’s social media marketing.

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing application, with an emphasis on mobile use and visual sharing. It is a simple, fun and creative way to capture and edit photos and videos to interact directly with your followers. Giving them a chance to participate through likes, comments and shares allowing them access to candid photos of your everyday life. For business, Instagram gives you an even better opportunity, more than any other app, to tell stories about your business and the lives involved. Thanks in part to this feature Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in use today. So, it isn’t surprising with over a billion monthly users, you are looking into using Instagram for your business, or are wanting a better understanding for your Instagram business profile. It is important to understand that there are differences between a personal Instagram profile and a business profile. To better master Instagram for your business, we are going to explain what an Instagram business profile is, and the first 4 benefits of a business profile. Let’s get to it!

What is an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram in regards to your business is a creative social media platform for you to promote who you are, what you are about and is also a place for you to display your products and services. This makes Instagram a great platform option to accomplish the business goals you have developed in your social media strategy and it should not be overlooked. Instagram has many extra features over other apps, you have access to: posting photos and videos, using Stories, IG TV and a variety of other options to offer visually appealing content to your consumers.

An Instagram Business Profile is a profile separate from your personal profile which allows you to market your products and services; it’s Instagram’s version of Facebook’s Business Page. Here’s the catch; you need an active Facebook Business Page to access certain features and to even be able to create an Instagram Business Profile. Although many Instagram business profiles are started by actual businesses, you do not need to run a business in order to start or operate a business profile. In fact, many social media influencers will start up a business profile, just to take advantage of some of the analytical benefits.

Benefits of an Instagram Business Profile

1. Stories

One of the first features on Instagram that is valuable for social media marketing is Stories. Stories are a sharing option that allows you to post videos or images that disappear after 24-hours. This creates momentary glimpses of casual and candid videos into the everyday lives of people and businesses. The result can be powerful because it creates a constant pull, need to follow and “Tune in next time,” to watch as the story unfolds. The fear of missing out is a powerful tool and statistics show that about half of Instagram’s monthly users are using “Stories.” This equals roughly 500 million people posting stories each day with about 62% of people stating that they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in their stories. These numbers have not escaped many large businesses and most brands that do post are telling an average of 2.5 stories per week, with over 4 million advertisers on stories and growing.

2. Visual Appeal

One of the main benefits of using Instagram to promote your business is the visual appeal, which is also what separates it from the other social media platforms. Instagram content is solely photos and videos that can be accompanied by text; however, the text is not mandatory. This visual appeal of content is a major benefit as most people will better remember what they saw compared to what they read. Video posts tend to outperform photo posts on social media in terms of engagement, and both videos and photos outperform social media posts that don’t include either. This means Instagram instantly has an advantage over platforms that don’t require photos or videos in their posts. Having photos and videos for your followers to associate your brand with will help your followers remember your brand and makes them more likely to engage with your content. More engagement means you are one step closer to having those followers become consumers that purchase your products.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

You can see a lot of engagement with your Instagram posts without having to pay for advertising. You are able to strengthen the relationship with your followers at no extra cost to you. Where Facebook is focused on content to connect family and friends, Instagram has become the home for brands. With Instagram business profiles, engagement is high, and followers are brand loyal. Engagement with brands is 10X higher on Instagram vs. Facebook, and 50% of Instagram users actively visit a business profile every day. With an engagement rate that high, it is likely that your followers will interact with your posts more and more if you are providing them with continuous, fresh on brand content.

When users comment on your posts, this creates a great opportunity for conversation where you can comment back directly to your followers. You can use the @ symbol to tag users and directly reply to those that have commented on or liked your post. The more responsive and transparent your brand is with your followers on Instagram, the more trust is built between your brand and potential customers. That trust is what will create true brand loyalty!

4. Instagram Insights

Instagram insights, while somewhat simplistic or basic, provides valuable analytics on the performance of your Instagram business profile. The data provided in an analytics report is also called metrics. Beyond the performance of your posts, analytics provide information on your audience including demographics of the people accessing your page and posts. Keep in mind that different social platforms have different audiences that tend to be the majority of users. For more information on audiences in the major social platforms, read our article Comparing 3 Major Social Media Platforms for an overview on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some of the metrics included in Instagram Insights reports include impressions, reach, engagement of your top posts, gender breakdown of your following, and the days of the week and times your followers are on Instagram. Instagram business users have complained that the platform doesn’t offer advanced analytics, however for a free business social media platform there is still valuable information offered that is conveniently accessed directly from the app.

Is Instagram for Your Business?

There are many things to consider when choosing the social media platform that is right for your business. Now that you understand what an Instagram business page is, along with some of the benefits for your social media marketing, you may be ready to decide! Is Instagram a good choice for your business?

For more great benefits of an Instagram business profile, see Part 2 to this article and read more “Benefits of Instagram for Your Business”.

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