Business Planning 101: Part 5 – The Presentation

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For Part 5 we are going to discuss the presentation plan for your Business Plan.

The Presentation

The next few steps are essential in finishing a complete professional business plan. Start by finalizing your goals in a one page wrap up of everything you have written previously in your plan. This page states why your business is valid and the reasons for its potential success. Then go all the way back to the front of your document and start your Executive Summary. This, in a nutshell, is an overview presentation of everything that follows. Many times, investors will simply read this first page and determine whether they want to read further or move onto the next opportunity. So, it is imperative you spend time breaking down your proposal and starting with your strong elevator pitch to convince anyone who reads this plan that it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Then review the entire document, go through your words and numbers for each section and make sure it is formatted professionally. You don’t want a simple error affecting the credibility of your well thought out business plan, so review and review again. It is also a good idea to have a third-party review everything to make sure the plan is clear and easy to understand without any financial or grammatical issues to discover. The third party should be someone with a business background and who will be able to stay objective and direct in the issues they see. The goal here is for them to catch any issues before you get in front of someone for financing. They won’t take your feelings into account either, the numbers are what matters here.

We have all seen businesses brought to task on Shark Tank and watched as their entire plan crashes and burns because of an oversight, so definitely reach out. If you need assistance BIG is here for our members!

The moment has come to pitch your plan. If you are seeking financial assistance from a bank, a well-prepared document and knowledge of what your business consists of is crucial. If you are presenting to Investors or in person, having a sixty second elevator pitch is always an asset. You never know when or where an opportunity may arise, so this is a good resource to have in your pocket.

For your presentation day, create an intriguing presentation on PowerPoint or Prezi outlining your entire business plan with some great pictures and graphics. Your presentation should show them enough that they want to dig through your numbers. Remember to practice this presentation several times before ever taking it live. Many people have made the mistake of feeling they could wing it, only to stumble and lose their first opportunity. Finally, know your facts and figures and have fun sharing why your business is the next BIG thing.

This all may look intimidating but we here at BIG are at your service, download our Business Planning Infographic (pdf) and if you have any questions or need any guidance along the way just reach out.

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If you require assistance with any of the guides, forms or templates, please contact a BIG representative.

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