Company Voicemails: Part 1 – Benefits

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The 1st part in this series on company voicemails explains 3 benefits of implementing a voicemail system for your business.

Picture yourself in the middle of a busy day. There is something pressing that you need to communicate or a question that you need answered to get a task done. You pick up the phone and call the company you need to communicate with and are left waiting on hold to speak with a representative or reception. This can be a very frustrating occurrence, and many of us simply don’t have time to be stuck on hold! This is where a voicemail system becomes a highly beneficial solution. Voicemails have many benefits for both the person calling in, as well as the business on the other end of the line. Some may view voicemails as an outdated feature to have in a business, however, the technology has evolved significantly from answering machines of the past.

Here are 3 benefits that can be experienced from having a voicemail system in place at a business location:

1. Improves Business Efficiency

A BIG benefit of having a proper voicemail system in place for a company is its ability to increase efficiency. One of the first ways they increase efficiency is reducing the amount of time spent on routing calls by a receptionist or the person working at the front desk. The voicemail can have an auto-attendant set up that gives numerous options of who the caller is wanting to speak with, and with the push of a button they will be routed to the appropriate staff member.

Another benefit of having recorded voicemails set up for each employee with a phone, is they are able to let calls go straight to voicemail when they are busy or in a meeting, allowing them to avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. Call screening is a great way to respond to priority calls, while other calls can be picked up by the voicemail system so they can be attended to later. This increases staff productivity and reduces the unnecessary stress associated with the need to answer each call immediately. When it comes to priority calls, if the staff member is away from their desk or off-site, many voicemail systems now have the option of forwarding messages in the form of an e-mail or text message! This creates a great solution for the time-sensitive and important messages that simply can’t be missed when away from an office phone.

There is also an option to have recorded messages set up that relay important business information to customers. For example, the auto-attendant could direct the caller to the business hours of operation or the business location address which would again save time on someone having to physically answer the phone and communicate that information. This is also a benefit for the customer, as they do not need to wait for someone that is available to tell them simple information they could have listened to in a pre-recorded message.

2 .Gives Time to Prepare Responses

Another great benefit of having voicemail set up is the capability to listen to a message and have time to prepare a response. Unlike live calls where we need to respond immediately in the conversation, voicemail messages allow employees to listen to the message and prepare their response. Voicemail systems store the message that is left, which allows us to listen to the voicemails as many times as we need to make sure we have understood all the information from the message that was left. This works especially well for businesses where customers are asking questions that require research or detailed responses and feedback.

3. Eliminates Call Hold Time

The 3rd benefit of a voicemail system is the ability to eliminate call hold time. As I’m sure most of us understand having been a customer at some point, customers do not take kindly to having to wait on hold to relay a message or get a response. The cost and time that is associated with being on hold is simply not acceptable for some, and the frustration caused by failed communication is one of the easiest ways for a business to lose customers. Voicemail systems can help avoid the issue of hold time as the customer will be able to relay their message instantly whether there is someone available at the time or not.

The important next step comes in the follow-up by making sure that the customer is contacted once they have left their message. Calling customers back to answer their queries is a simple way to enhance customer experience as they will feel more comfortable doing business with companies that leave them feeling respected, heard, and like their questions and troubles matter.

The Message from Voicemails

When it comes down to it, the message from voicemails is that they will provide many benefits to a business! Increasing efficiency within the company, providing more time to prepare quality responses for customers, and eliminating the dreaded call hold time are just some of the solutions voicemails can provide that are an advantage for your company. For businesses that are not yet using a voicemail system, it may be time to consider setting one up to experience the many benefits they can provide!

Next up in this series is Part 2, which will go over voicemail system options.

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