Company Voicemails: Part 3 – Recording

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The 3rd part in this series gives tips for recording business voicemails and includes a template for voicemail scripts.

When it comes to recording business voicemails there are many aspects involved in the process. From creating a script to choosing the voice to use and the options to offer, there is a lot to consider when trying to create a professional voicemail greeting. To help with this process, we have created 3 tips for recording business voicemail greetings. Additionally, we have included a downloadable template for keeping track of your voicemail scripts which also contains an example of a professional voicemail greeting.

If you are interested in more information on voicemail systems, check out Part 1 for the benefits, and Part 2 for the different options.

1. Maintain Consistency

The 1st tip for creating a professional voicemail greeting system is to maintain consistency. Especially when there is a full system involved that goes to numerous extensions and has numerous options, it creates a sense of professionalism and competence when the greetings are streamlined. This means having scripts that must be followed when recording the greetings, having the same voice for the numerous options that are listed in the menu, and having a consistent quality.

2. Create the Script

The next tip is to create a script for the voicemail greetings. Having the script clearly written out ensures that all the information will be communicated for options such as address or hours, and the information that needs to be requested when someone is leaving a message such as who is calling and the reason for their call will also not be forgotten. Having streamlined scripts also creates that sense of unity and consistency within the company which helps to communicate a professional environment within the company for those that are calling. Here are some aspects to consider within the script:

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    • Script the options – If you have a voicemail system that offers options such as business hours or business location, also referred to as the auto attendant, ensure that you are also scripting these to prevent forgetting any information. Having the script created will also make it easier when needing to change any details such as a change in hours of operation or adding holiday hours.
    • Identify who they have reached – Person’s name, position or department, and the company name.
    • Acknowledge their time – “Thank you for calling,” or “sorry we have missed your call.”
    • Include specific next steps – What information you would like them to leave such as their name, a reason for the call, and their phone number. Also let them know if there is another number they can call if the matter is urgent or confirm that you will call them back as soon as you are available.
    • Keep it short – If you give too much information within the voicemail greeting, it is likely some of it will be missed by the caller.
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3. Choose the Voice for Recording

Our final tip is to carefully choose who will be recording the voicemail greetings. For an extra flare of professionalism, we recommend having the same voice record all greetings. To do so, it is important that you choose someone that you doubt will be leaving the company anytime soon. Recording the greetings does take time, and it would not be ideal to need someone else to record all the greetings over again if the original voice chosen were to leave the company and you did not want their voice representing the company anymore. Some voicemail VoIP systems also have the option of choosing voice options in their system that are pre-recorded.

Here are a few things to consider when recording the voicemail:

    • Speak clearly – Make sure to annunciate everything that is said.
    • Speak slowly – Not too slow, yet not too fast!
    • Say it with a smile – It really does make a difference in not sounding monotone.
    • Use a positive tone – The previous point will help with this as well.
    • Make sure there is no background noise – It’s very frustrating when you can’t understand the greeting due to too much noise.

Creating the Voice of Voicemails

Following the tips above will have your company well on its way to creating the voice of your voicemail systems! Keeping it consistent for professionalism and ease, having a clear script, and choosing a voice that is the right fit for your company will all help in creating professional, unique, and specialized voicemail greetings.

Download the Company Voicemails Part 3 – Recording Reference and Template (zip).

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