Corporate Challenges – Just Challenge and Have Fun!

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This article is written to provide you with details around a fundraising event type that has grown in popularity in companies globally and promotes community in a fun and active way through friendly competition.

Corporate Challenges are a fun way to fundraise and promote your company’s social responsibility by engaging employees, building new human connections, strengthening existing relationships, and learning how to work in a team setting; all while participating in a friendly competition involving various activities outside of the normal office environment!

Whether the corporate challenge involves only your company’s employees or is organized to involve other companies throughout your community, this inclusive fundraising event is intended to bring people together socially and build company culture, allowing employees to take a break from the everyday grind while engaging in a campaign that they will remember and have fun doing.

Various companies and cities globally have organized and participated in these events to complete challenges and get the bragging rights of winning the Corporate Challenge as a team! The main purpose of this event, if you haven’t already noticed, is to promote a unique sense of spirit and cohesiveness that is found when people gather in social settings in an organized competition.

Corporate Challenges – Your Company Only

If you are considering organizing this type of event for your company, please know that even though an expense will be incurred, investing in your employees and promoting a fun work environment could result in a higher rate of return through employee satisfaction and workplace productivity.

What do you need to consider when organizing this type of event?

1. Budget: It is important to set a budget limit to the amount you are willing to spend.

2. Date Selection: Pick a date far in advance (i.e. 2-4 months). This allows everyone time to organize and plan ahead.

3. Employee Participation: Communicate to your employees that you are planning to organize a Corporate Challenge, explaining the incentives for participating in the event to gain attraction.

4. Charity Selection: Choose a charity that you will be fundraising for and engage participants by taking a poll to decide which charity the proceeds will go to.

5. Activity Selection: Choose between 5-10 different activities that involve teamwork and are at various levels of physical, endurance, mental, or artistic challenges. Some examples are:

      • Physical: Tug-O-War, Rope Courses, Zip Lines, Axe Throwing, Trampoline, etc.
      • Endurance: Relay Races, Zip Lines, Stairs, Shooting Hoops, Soccer, etc.
      • Mental: Scavenger Hunts, Brain Teasers, Puzzles or Puzzle-type activities, etc.
      • Artistic: Drawing, Painting, Clay Molding, etc.

There is no limit to what activities you organize. Just ensure that it involves everyone and challenges different levels of skillsets and capabilities. Together, teams will be able to cheer, support, and encourage one another to complete the challenges as they compete with other teams.

5. Teams: When organizing teams, put thoughtful consideration into those who work closely, those who do not, and various fitness capabilities or skillset level. This way you ensure that the teams remain fair, and everyone has the opportunity to socialize and engage in teamwork with those who they may not yet know well.

6. Social Hour: At the end of the challenge, host a BBQ or Picnic for the participants so they can all socialize together, share their big and small wins, share their stories and memories, and to have a ribbon ceremony or celebration.

Corporate Challenges typically take around 3-5 hours to complete, depending on the activities selected and/or the amount of adventuring the teams may need to do around the city. When selecting a time, we suggest that starting around 12pm works best.

Corporate Challenges – Community Wide

If a company hosted corporate challenge is not suitable for your business due to low participation levels or finances, you can instead join Corporate Challenges that are organized by a recognized foundation.

These organized Corporate Challenges follow the same principals; however they are hosted and coordinated by an external recognized foundation. All you need to do is fundraise money to participate and have a small team to represent your company. This team will compete against other companies throughout the city or other geographical locations.

Building and maintaining a strong company culture is one key component to a business’s success. Having a fun, active, and engaged workforce can lead to employee satisfaction and can result in a higher rate of return as it promotes cohesiveness and increases work productivity, while promoting social responsibility and giving back to the community through charity and friendly competition.

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