Creating Company Branded Items: Part 2 – Creating Company Branded Pens

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This article is the 2nd in our series on creating company branded items and explains the process of creating company branded pens.

Company branded items are an exciting and fun way to promote your company and its brand. Having various items with the company’s name, logo, and brand colours is a great way to maintain brand consistency while also marketing the business. Pens are one of the most popular promotional items used within a company as they are a tool that most people need to use in their everyday lives at work and at home.

In the 1st part of this series, we explained the differences between an online provider and a local promotional company and also suggested some questions to consider and ask when choosing which company to go with for company branded items. Keeping those options in mind for when it comes time to order the pens, here are the other steps to creating a company branded pen!

1. Choosing the Pen

We understand it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the best custom pen to promote your company’s brand. You don’t want to have a pen that will clump while writing or leak ink in someone’s pants pocket or purse. The pen needs to be comfortable to hold, convenient, and practical for many writing projects while not breaking the bank! The first step would be deciding what you want out of a pen so it can be functional for the office and for others you will be giving the pen to in order to promote the company. Many of us already have our favourite pens that we like to use! A great way to choose the style of pen may be doing a poll around the office to see which comes up as the favourite. It’s also always an option to forgo the opinions of others and just go with the pen that you consider to be versatile, simple, and comfortable!

Here are some common pen types:

    • Ballpoint Pen – Considered the most classic style of pen, and the most common for promotional purposes. These are the pens that almost everyone carries around with them, so from a marketing point of view these will be a reminder of your company and its brand every time the pen is used.
    • Fountain Pen – Fountain pens tend to be used as gifts or a special treat as they have that extra special feel to them. However, while these pens look nice and fancy, there are many people that don’t like writing with a fountain pen. This style of pen is more likely to be kept in a nice display box, in someone’s pen holder, or on their desk rather than being used every day.
    • Rollerball Pen – These pens are a combination of ballpoint and fountain pens. Some people prefer rollerball pens for the smooth flow of ink, while others prefer ballpoint pens as the ink dries faster.

2. Designing the Pen

Once the style of pen has been chosen, we can move on to what is usually considered the fun part of creating company branded items – the design! Before beginning the design process, it is important to know who is providing the pen, and who will be designing the pen. Depending on the provider and pen style chosen, there will be different design options available for the pen. Many providers will offer design services for a cost or will have a certain amount of time included within the pricing, such as 1 free hour. If you are doing the design in-house, make sure to get all the design specifications from the provider to provide them with the finished file they require for print. It is also important to confirm the options available such as colours of the pens, colour of ink available for print, and the number of colours that can be used for print.

There are a few things to consider when designing a custom pen with your company’s brand. The first consideration would be the company logo.

    • How large does the logo need to be in order to still be legible?
    • Can the primary logo fit on a pen, or is there a secondary logo that can be used to still promote the brand?
    • Would you like the entire logo to be present, or could you simply include the company typeface from the logo?

The next thing to consider is if you want the logo/company name engraved or printed! Engraving will not be in colour, however it can offer a sleek look depending on the pen chosen and if the material can be engraved or not. Printing the logo offers the option of doing the logo in full colour.

Next is to choose the colour of the pen! What colour will best represent the company’s brand? What colour will show the logo best? Along with the colour of the pen, make sure to choose what colour of ink you would like!

Writing Tool for Recognition

Choosing a pen style that works for your company, along with a suitable design to maintain brand consistency will result in a great marketing and writing tool for recognition! Every time someone picks up that pen to write, they will be reminded of the company and the lovely brand that you have created.

Next up in this series will be Part 3: Business Cards!

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