Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Part 1 – The Benefits of Feedback

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In Part 1 of this series on customer satisfaction surveys we talk about the benefits of receiving customer feedback.

In the current digital age of consumerism and marketing, people are becoming less and less willing to answer questions online with the growing reality of social media companies harvesting their personal information. Customer feedback remains very valuable and gives the best results for data collection. As much as people hate receiving “spam” in their e-mail, they still love to be heard and listened to! Sending a customer satisfaction survey is as simple as sending out an e-mail when a purchase is made saying “Thank you for your business! Please let us know how we can do even better in the future by completing a short and simple survey.” With that being said, in this article we will discuss 3 benefits of receiving customer feedback.

Following the 1st part of this series, the next parts will explain what can be included in a customer satisfaction survey with a downloadable template, and then what to do with the data that is collected from the surveys.

3 Benefits of Customer Feedback:

1. Determine Areas of Improvement

The 1st major benefit from receiving customer feedback is the ability to accurately pinpoint areas of improvement within the customer experience. One thing is very apparent: customers will let you know when they are dissatisfied! While it is humbling to hear the areas your company is performing well in according to the customer, it is just as beneficial to determine the areas that could use some improving. This could include areas such as customer service, the purchasing process, services they are receiving from specific employees, among many other areas depending on the operations of the company.

2. Increase Customer Retention

Another valuable benefit of customer feedback is the ability to increase customer retention. When customers are satisfied with the products and services they are purchasing, they are far more likely to become a loyal client of your business and not jump ship to a competitor. Dissatisfaction may lead to losing customers which would negatively impact sales and therefore revenue. However, the feedback from a survey gives the company a chance to listen to the customer and respond to their feedback. This could result in being able to appease the customer and remedy the situation, so they remain a client, or at the very least allows the company a chance to improve in the future to avoid further unhappiness from other customers.

3. Identify Trends

The 3rd advantage of receiving customer feedback is the capability to identify trends. As surveys are meant to be continuous and are received from numerous customers, they allow you to identify similarities in the feedback. By recognizing the trends and applying them to the business, this will show customers that their voices are being heard. This also grants the opportunity to detect trends within the market such as products or services the customers are interested in and what experience they are looking to receive from the business.

Feed the Feedback

Customer satisfaction surveys create a great opportunity to feed the feedback from customers. With the opportunity to identify areas of improvement, increase customer retention, and pinpoint trends, it may be a great time to consider if customer satisfaction surveys could be useful for your business!

Check back for Part 2 of this series which introduces a template of a customer satisfaction survey that can be used!

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