Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Part 2 – Providing the Survey

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In Part 2 of this series on customer satisfaction surveys we explain different ways to provide the survey and include a downloadable customer satisfaction survey template.

Clients, customers, and consumers are very important as they usually create the primary revenue source for a company. While it can be sometimes frustrating to receive complaints or negative feedback, it is important to remember the value there can be in hearing clients’ opinions of the business. While it is pretty much a guarantee in our digital world that negative comments and reviews will make it onto the internet, it is still beneficial to provide an outlet for customers to provide their feedback directly to the company, knowing that the company wants them to be heard and wants to make improvements for their customers.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to receive client feedback. Surveys remain one of the best ways to collect data on customer’s views of a business’s performance. In this article we explain 4 great ways to request client feedback through surveys, different online tools that can be used to create and send surveys, and also include a downloadable client satisfaction survey template.

Requesting Client Feedback

1. E-mail

Sending surveys via e-mail is one of the most common and versatile ways to communicate surveys to clients. The survey can be a fillable form that is attached to the e-mail for the client to fill in and return by e-mail or in person, or alternatively can be a link to the survey online whether provided on your company website or through a 3rd party company. Here are some of the various ways that e-mails can be used to communicate a customer satisfaction survey:

      • Included at the bottom of an e-mail reply to a customer
      • Included in the company newsletter that is e-mailed to clients
      • Automatically sent when a customer makes a purchase
      • Automatically sent when a client signs up for a membership
      • Automatically sent when a client receives services

2. In-Person

Handing the customer a client satisfaction survey in-person is also a good option. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go the “old-fashioned” route of using pen and paper feedback questionnaires. This is especially great if the client has a suggestion to make or is wanting to submit a complaint about the company. This allows them to express their views on certain aspects of the company, and generally has a space for any extra notes or comments they have. If using manual methods of receiving surveys such as fillable forms in e-mail or paper surveys, make sure to consider that the data needs to be analyzed by someone, or submitted into the software that is being used by the company.

3. SMS

Text messages are one of the most powerful ways to request customer feedback as many people are usually only a few feet away from their phone. This is a strong alternative to use over e-mail when only the customer’s phone number is known. Sending an SMS survey could be as simple as asking “How would you rate your experience today?” before asking them to reply with a number depending on their level of satisfaction. Alternatively, a link to where an electronic survey is hosted could also be sent in an SMS message. Many of the companies that provide surveys (list given below) have the option of sending SMS surveys.

4. Website

Providing access to a customer satisfaction survey on the company’s website is another great way to collect customer feedback. Access can be given to those that visit the website with windows that slide from the side of the screen, or small boxes that pop-up onscreen when they have completed an action such as purchasing a product, using a feature on the website, or signing up for an account or membership. Many companies will also include a customer feedback section at the bottom of their website, or in the contact us section. It can be very beneficial to have a link to your website for the survey, as people will be directed to the company’s website and may look for further information while on the website!

5 Companies that Provide Free Online Survey Creation

    1. HubSpot – Offers online marketing and sales education, articles and resources. Their form builder offers unlimited questions and unlimited customer responses for free.
    2. Mailchimp – All-in-one marketing platform focused on small businesses. Surveys offer unlimited questions, and the free version includes up to 2,000 contacts for the survey.
    3. SurveyMonkey – Survey platform for companies around the globe, part of the Momentive groups of companies. Free version offers up to 10 questions per survey, unlimited number of surveys, and accepts 40 responses from clients.
    4. ProProfs Survey Maker – Online hosting of software, tools, and support with the world’s largest library of professional tests and quizzes. The free version offers an unlimited number of surveys to be created, however only 10 responses per survey, and doesn’t explain the number of questions allowed per survey.
    5. Typeform – Online company offering visual forms or surveys showing 1 question at a time that can be embedded on a website. Free version offers 10 questions per survey, 100 responses per month and unlimited number of surveys with no restrictions on the questions that can be asked.

Customer Feedback for Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback is great way to improve customer satisfaction. When a company can collect data on what is or isn’t working for their clients, and what would make their customers happier they are then able to take that feedback and decide what action they would like to start. Using e-mails, SMS messaging, in-person forms, or the company website are just a few of the ways that feedback can be requested from customers. With the many options available online to create and allow access to customer surveys there is an endless number of possibilities waiting!

Now that you know all about Customer Satisfaction Surveys, you can download our template below and start building your own!

Download our Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Part 2 – Reference and Survey Template.

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