Daily Activity Communications: Part 1 – Employees

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This article talks about the benefits of streamlining employee communication with an end of day report template.

Whether you’re working from home, at an office, or a mixture of both, the modern workplace is as dynamic as ever, which means that communication needs to be even stronger to bring teams together. Even if an employee is tasked with an assignment that is largely independent, there should still be lines of communication with the project head to make sure valuable feedback is being received, keeping things focused and on track.

While this may feel like a no-brainer, taking the time to have those daily conversations can be difficult when everyone is preoccupied with their own objectives and to-do lists. One way to help streamline communication in the workplace is through a daily activity report, which breaks down projects by their status (ongoing or completed), when it was started, the deadline, and any additional comments. Not only does this keep employees accountable for their day-to-day tasks, but it also gives them a space where they can celebrate their wins or bring up any concerns.

Here at BIG, we have developed a Daily Activity Communication Form to help your team with efficient communication. Download the template today and stayed tuned for part 2 where we discuss how department heads can keep executives up to date on their team’s movements.

Download the Daily Activity Communications: Part 1 – Employee Form.

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