Don’t Just Click, Connect

5 Ways to Stay Personal and Engaging in the Digital Age

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This article highlights and expands on Robert Reffkin’s “5 Ways to Create Stronger Connections.”

Technology may have made the world smaller, but there is still a feeling of separation that continues to exist. It may be the lack of personability through constant emails and texting, or the forced social distancing that COVID19 has brought on, but either way there is a sense of disconnect. In this three-minute video watch Robert Reffkin, Founder and CEO of Compass, as he shares his quick tips to re-connect, and how to make more lasting connections with your team.

Robert Reffkin’s 5 Ways to Create Stronger Connections

  1. Write a letter
  2. Pick up the phone and dial
  3. Ask interesting questions
  4. Answer questions with honesty rather than abstraction
  5. Turn the video on

The BIG Breakdown

When it comes to written communication, it doesn’t get more personal than a hand-written letter. The thought, time and effort it takes may be more time consuming than the time savvy and efficient email, but what it also provides is something far greater, more personal and tangible. That is all before the words you choose to write. As Robert Elegantly puts, be specific, let them know the impact they’ve made in your life, and what that means to you. Be honest, be raw, be personal, after all, this could be a keepsake they pull out for a retirement speech or look back at during hard times.

Setting the tone with a call. This is fantastic for those important on and off-boarding conversations along with any important conversation. A study by (Mehrabian & Wiener, 1967 and Mehrabian & Ferris, 1967) showed that 38% of communication is tone with only 7% of what is communicated or understood in the words that are used. The other 55% refers to body language. So, at the very least, pick up that phone for the important conversations and you will hear the difference.

If you ask interesting questions you tend to get interesting results. Through the many odd interview questions, ice breakers and first dates I have experienced, I can say first-hand that the best conversations all started from a better question. Don’t be afraid to ask thought-provoking open-ended questions. The responses you will get may not be what you expect, but those are usually the best ones.

Answer questions honestly, which is a real nice way of saying to just be real. We just spoke about asking interesting questions in the hope of igniting thoughtful and memorable conversation. Well, be prepared to answer those questions yourself. Not only is it freeing but it is vital in the process of leading. Inspire your colleagues, staff and friends to be honest and real, and lead by example.

Not too long-ago video calls were something associated with science fiction and secret agents. Now, video calls have become a regular occasion in everyday life. Applications like Facetime, Skype, Zoom and many others have proven that video calling is here to stay. We previously talked about the communication breakdown: 7% words, 38% tone, 55% body language. In the digital age-this is the next best thing to in-person communication. So, turn on the video for that call; talk, listen and watch. The message may have better reception than you think.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to strengthen our connections, be more personal, and enhance our communications. This list has some great suggestions and hopefully one connected for you. The important thing to remember is that there is always a person on the other side and a reason we chose to communicate. So, make the most out of your social interactions and don’t just click, connect.

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