Employee-Family Assistance Programs

Making Employee Health a Priority

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This article is about Employee-Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) and the benefits it brings to businesses and their employees to assist them with personal problems.

More and more companies are looking for extra opportunities to offer health care to the members of their teams. Many are looking at Employee-Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) which have grown in popularity over the years. Businesses who are providing this fully paid benefit program to their employees have discovered they’ve have become more desirable to work for, this is especially noticeable in today’s market where social well-being is being is a top priority for many.

Various organizations are being proactive in supporting their employees by offering this type of benefit which help employees with their overall health and well-being, they’ve noted that a healthy and supported workforce is a productive one.

An EFAP is a benefit program that assists employees and their family members with 24/7 support, generally offering free and completely confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services for their clients. Although EFAP’s are mainly aimed at work-related issues, there are a variety of programs that can assist with problems outside of work like:

    • Managing relationships and family
    • Child and Elder care resources
    • Legal advice
    • Financial guidance
    • Dealing with workplace challenges
    • Handling addictions
    • Improving nutrition

Focusing on Health and Achieving overall well-being

There are various EFAP benefit providers throughout Canada that businesses can work with to ensure their workforce’s health and well-being are cared for. The most popular national EFAP benefit providers are:

    • Morneau Shepell – LifeWorks Wellbeing | Modern Employee Assistance
    • FSEAP – Employee and Family Assistance Program | Canada

For a reasonably low monthly subscription fee, it would be considered an asset to have this service made available for employees to access. The fee is determined on several factors such as size of the company, industry, and past EAP experience. In 2021, companies in Canada will generally be invoiced starting at $3.34 per employee, per month. These fees may be subject to change over time.

For example: Company XYZ has 153 employees. Their monthly fee per employee is $3.34. That is $511.02 per month or $6,132.24 per annum.

It is important to note that the monthly fee will fluctuate based on the size of the company. For example: if your company headcount increases by 5 employees, your monthly fee will increase; if your company headcount decreases by 3 employees, your monthly fee will decrease.

Although this amount may seem expensive for some businesses, it is an investment in your employee’s well-being which will support a healthy employee and company culture. Having this type of benefit for your employees is a valuable resource as most managers and human resource staff are not trained to provide therapy, or any sort of counselling to employees, and an EFAP gives businesses a way to help their employees professionally.

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