Employee Recognition Award Program

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Recognizing employees for their contributions is important to your company’s culture as it can boost employee morale, self-esteem, and act as motivation to be more productive. In addition, it can also improve employee retention, as happy employees feel appreciated and will work towards doing their best knowing that their peers and employers are appreciative. Therefore, it can be a great benefit to have an employee recognition award program implemented in your company.

The purpose of this program is to allow employees the opportunity to appreciate one another when their peers go above and beyond their job duties and responsibilities, especially when it results in better performance and produces positive business results. This is one way to reinforce that positive working behaviours and working together as a team are acknowledged and respected.

Your organization’s culture is a key component to ensuring the employee recognition program runs smooth as it starts with the culture that advocates appreciation. Which is why it is important to sincerely recognize your employees for their hard work on a regular basis. Sometimes recognizing employees by a simple greeting or appreciation at the end of the day is overlooked, which is why providing employees with a tangible award is often provided.

How your company wants to recognize its employees for a job well done is completely up to your organization and it is important to remember that recognizing and appreciating employees does not have to be an extravagant event, it can be as easy as providing the nominated employee with a small token of your appreciation like providing the employee with a paid day off, a gift card to their favourite store, a VISA gift card, free lunch, or even a free round of golf.

It is great to provide employee recognitions with a card to say thanks, employees appreciate a personal, sincere, and specific reasoning to why they are being recognized. Always remember that any recognition award given to the employee does not need to be expensive or complex. Even the smallest of gestures can have a big impact on someone.

Employee recognition award programs are often neglected because organizations often overthink how people would like to be recognized. Recognition programs should be inclusive, everyone needs to be eligible for the rewards. Excluding a specific group of people can have a negative impact on the company culture.

Individuals who feel appreciated at the end of the day end up experiencing more self-worth and may feel more willing to contribute to the company and achieve results. When developing your employee recognition program, it is important to cultivate fairness, clarity, and consistency. Employees want to see that each person who makes a similar mark has an equal likelihood of receiving recognition for their efforts.

Your company’s approach to the program is crucial and it starts with your organizations culture!

Here is a template you can use to start developing your company’s employee recognition award program and remember that recognizing your employees does not have to be extravagant, but it should be sincere.

Download the Employee Recognition Award Guideline and Form.

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