Employee Status Change Form

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When there are any changes made to an employee’s employment terms and conditions that are off-cycle from the business’ annual compensation review process, it is crucial that those changes are documented for future reference.

The Employee Status Change (ESC) Form is a valuable document that is used to track these changes and ensures the appropriate signing authorities have reviewed the changes made. This form provides the details of the changes made to the employee’s current information vs the proposed changes. The ESC Form is used in conjunction with the Addendum Letter or other letters that will be given to the employees when there are changes made.

Note: This form is to be completed by Human Resources (or by the individual who is in a HR-related role) and the information supplied here will be translated into the appropriate letter being provided and communicated to the employee. This form will not be seen by the employee as it may contain private information that is confidential.

Download the Employee Status Change Form.

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