Financial Relief Programs: Part 2 – Saskatchewan Support for Individuals

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This article is about the financial relief programs made available through the Saskatchewan Provincial Government to assist its residents with financial support while they are unemployed.

The Government of Saskatchewan has made amendments to its Employment Act and implemented the Public Health Emergency Leave to ensure its residents are taken care of in instances where their employment status or terms and conditions have changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Saskatchewan Employment Act has been amended to ensure that employees have access to unpaid public health emergency leave by removing the requirement of 13 weeks of employment with an employer to access paid sick leave and requiring a doctor’s note or certificate.

The Public Health Emergency Leave is intended for employees to assist in protecting their jobs when they have been directed to isolate as ordered by their employer, the government, their doctor, or the chief medical health officer.

This leave is unpaid; however, employees are entitled to be paid their regular wages if their employer authorizes them to work from home during the period, as set out by the order of the chief medical health officer or government.

There are other medical leaves that are not COVID-19 dependant in the province of Saskatchewan that fall under Saskatchewan’s job-protected leaves which are subject for review by the provincial governing bodies for eligibility and program attributes.

To learn more about the numerous Federal and Provincial government financial relief programs made available for individuals and businesses, see Part 3, “Federal Government Support for Businesses”.

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