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How to Retain, Engage, and Inspire Your Younger Workforce

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Millennials are the fastest growing generation in the workforce today. They share different views and different needs than previous generations and can also present new challenges for employers. Statistics show that current retention rates tend to be extremely low among this generation which may be due to less tolerance towards workplace environments that don’t meet their expectations. However, we still need millennial workers, and we need them to be engaged. So, what is required from today’s leaders of organizations and businesses to retain, engage, and inspire their younger employees?

In this 3-minute video Clint Pulver, Founder and CEO of The Centre for Employee Retention, shares an inspiring story of how a leader in his life inspired and supported him instead of labelling him a problem child and pushing him aside.

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Clint Pulver – Who is He? 

Clint Pulver is a motivational speaker that specializes in helping organizations retain, engage, and inspire their workforce. Clint travels the globe as the “Undercover Millennial” to help businesses with communication challenges, leadership missteps, cultural cues and navigating cultural complexities.

He is also a musician! As a professional drummer for over 20 years Clint has travelled the world playing in venues such as the Vivint Arena, the Stadium of Fire, and the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. In 2010 Clint founded the Green Man Group which is also known as the UVU Drumline.

The BIG Breakdown 

In this video, Clint shares his personal story of being seen as a problem child by his peers and the leaders in his life. Due to some anomaly, he can’t keep his hands still and was constantly tapping things which was ultimately seen as a distraction. When this issue came to the principal of his school, he was simply told to, “sit on his hands” as a solution! Finally, in one life changing moment after class, Clint had his teacher Mr. Jensen tell him: “You’re not a problem, you’re a drummer!” The support he received in that moment changed Clint’s life forever, giving him the confidence and a purpose in life he needed to become a motivational speaker, CEO, musician, comedian, author, and founder. Clint has appeared on America’s got Talent, was featured in Business Q Magazine’s “top 40 Under 40” and the list goes on... As Clint puts it, that moment with Mr. Jensen was the moment that allowed him to realize his mantra of “It’s not about being the best in the world…Its about being the best FOR the world.”

Putting this video into the context of the work world, Mr. Jensen can represent any leader within an organization, and Clint is any younger generation employee. When there is a “problem” employee within your organization think about Clint’s story which shows that as a leader, if you can understand that there is an problem, not that they are a problem you may be able to turn that problem into a solution. This way of thinking will benefit the employee, you, and the organization in the end.

By having a deeper understanding of what motivates your employees, it can increase employee satisfaction and will encourage an engaging work environment. In many cases it may be easier to write-off an employee that you see as an issue, but it can take just a little bit of extra support to reap the bigger benefits. Successful businesses have proven that when employees feel good about where they work, it can increase productivity, improve retention and create an overall positive atmosphere. As shown in the video, all it takes is one simple moment of support and understanding that can forever change the life of an employee.

Take Action 

There are many benefits that can be seen in a work environment when a younger workforce is engaged and inspired – we just need to retain them! This video has a great example and offers some brilliant insights in how supporting your employees can lead to a more promising future for your organization. Never forget that as leaders, one moment of support can change the lives of the people we are leading.  

If you are interested in a more in-depth explanation from Clint on this experience, here is a video running just over 11 minutes long that offers more details about his story.

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