Guide: Building Your Instagram Business Profile

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This is a step-by-step written guide with visuals included on how to create an Instagram business profile.

Instagram is a social media platform that was created to be used on mobile devices. You will need your phone to set up and manage your Instagram business profile. For the purpose of this guide, we have shown the set up using an iOS device. Instagram has provided great instructions for creating your business profile and includes short videos and visuals to accompany the instructions. We have referenced Instagram’s instructions below and also added in some important details we found were missing to help make the process even smoother!

1. Install the app on your phone

Download and install the Instagram app from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store; then launch it.

2. Let us know who you are

Here is the screen you will see when you first launch the Instagram app:

When creating a new account, you will need to sign up with either an e-mail address or a phone number. If you will have a social media team managing your social media and therefore need to have numerous people accessing your account, we would suggest creating the account with a general company e-mail that the team is allowed to access.

We received the following error message when trying to sign up for a new account by signing in with my Facebook profile:

“No worries if you receive this error message, continue by creating a new profile. One of the steps in setting up your business profile will involve linking your Instagram to your Facebook profile.”

3. Set up a free business profile

This is the screen you will see once you have signed into an Instagram profile:

To access settings:

  • Tap your profile icon
  • Tap the menu
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Account”
  • Tap “Switch to Professional Account” – this will change the current account to a business profile.

Please note: if you have signed in with a personal Instagram account, you can also tap “Add New Professional Account,” if you would like to keep your current personal account and start a new professional account.

To create your business profile

Instagram will now walk you through a series of steps to set up your Professional Account. Here are some more details on each step:

  • Tap “Continue” and read through the 4 tips Instagram provides
  • Select a Category: You can select one of the suggested categories or search for the desired category and select from the search options. Once you have selected a category and tap “Done”, you then get to decide if you want the category to display on your profile. The category will display beneath your page name.This means the category will display. Tap to toggle off if you would not like the category to display.
  • Are You a Business? Here you will keep “Business” selected.
  • Review Your Contact Info: The e-mail and phone number you enter are the ones you would like customers to contact you through. Your business address is where you are physically located – you do not need to share this if your business is not public facing or does not have a storefront for customers to access. This step will be repeated once your profile is set up as well.
  • Connect to Facebook: This is the step we referred to earlier where you connect your Facebook profile. You will need a Facebook business page to access certain features within Instagram such as the ad promotions. We recommend connecting the Facebook profile you have set up your business page with. If you do not have a business page, see our Guide on Building Your Facebook Business Page.

Here are some further details on connecting to Facebook:

  • Tap “Login to Facebook”
  • Tap “Continue” if the following window pops up:
  • Login to your Facebook profile
  • Tap “Continue” then “Finish Setting Up” if the following window pops up:
  • This window will come up to ensure you are connecting the correct Facebook profile:
  • Ensure you have the correct profile selected. If you are not wanting to connect the page you have selected, you can also “Create a New Facebook Page” directly from this window.
  • Tap “Next” once you have the correct Facebook business page selected
  • Welcome! You have officially created your Instagram business profile.

To complete setting up your business profile:

Instagram lists out 5 steps they recommend completing to have your business profile ready to go. If you exit out of the steps at any point, they will display at the top of your page for you to access at any time.

    • Complete Your Profile:
        • Profile Photo – Most business pages use their logo as their profile photo. Ensure you choose a logo that will show well in a circle display. A photo that is 200 X 200 pixels is the recommended size for your Instagram profile photo.
        • Name – The name you enter here is the name that will display at the top of your business profile. We recommend putting your business name here.
        • Username – This is the name that will display after @ on your business profile. This is another way for users to search for you, and also for users to be able to tag you in their posts. Choose a username that is as close to your business name as possible.
        • Website – Here you get to enter your website. Users can access the link to your website from your profile, and it shows at the end of your bio.
        • Bio – This is where you welcome users to your page and tell them what you’re about! Common things to include in your bio include who you are, what you offer, how you are unique from other businesses, clickable tags to promote branded hashtags, and a call to action with a link.
    • Learn from Others: Here Instagram suggests that you begin to follow similar pages that you are interested in. This is a great step for getting ideas for content, seeing your competitors Instagram feed, and also a good opportunity to get your name out there. We recommend leaving this step until your profile in finalized and you have posted your first introduction post for people to see when they come to your page.

    • Invite Friends: Here Instagram gives you different options for inviting your friends to use Instagram, or to follow your page if they are already an Instagram user. This is another step that we recommend leaving until you have created at least your first introduction post. If you do not have content on your page, it is less likely that people will follow you quite yet. Do this step when you are ready to let people know about your page!

    • Share Photos and Videos: This will be the step you complete when you are ready to post content on your Instagram page. When you are ready to complete this step, Building if you would like some tips on posting content for your Instagram business page.

    • Explore Professional Tools: Here Instagram explains Insights, and Promotions. Once you have posts on your page, Insights will give you different reports on how your posts are performing, and the users that are accessing your posts. Promotions are available if you would like to boost your posts or advertise products you are selling.

You Did It!

Congratulations, you now have a completed Instagram business profile. Now that you have a completed profile, you are ready to support your social media strategy for Instagram. Once you start posting engaging, relevant content for your audience, you can begin to gain followers, boost your website traffic and much more; so make the most of these benefits and have your social media manager start today!

Download our Guide to Building Your Instagram Business Profile (pdf).

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