How to be a Good Company Ambassador: Part 1 – Understand the Mission and Vision

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This article introduces the 1st tip in our series on being a good company ambassador, which involves understanding the company’s mission and vision.

A business involves many moving parts to be successful. From the business plan to the products and services they offer, financing, accounting, marketing, legal, branding, culture, human resources – these are just some of the aspects that come together and work in unison towards the success of the business. However, a great deal of this success is determined by the clients, customers, or consumers that choose to use the company’s products and/or services. Clients are the main source of income for most businesses, and therefore the reputation of the business in the public-eye becomes crucial. This public impression is mainly portrayed through the actions, behaviours, language, and appearance of the people working for the company including the employers and the employees. We call this representation of the company being a Company Ambassador.

In this series we will explain 6 different tips that can help in being a good company ambassador. Each tip is for the employees of the company, as well the employers to explain how they can support the employees. Let’s take a look at the 1st tip!

Understand the Mission and Vision of the Company

For the 1st tip in this series, we recommend making sure employees understand the mission and vision of the company. The mission statement explains why the company exists and what their current goal is within the business. The vision statement is the foresight of where the company wants to go, and the future they want to achieve.


For an employee to be a good company ambassador, it is important that they understand the mission and vision statements of the company. By understand, we mean remember what the mission and vision statements are to begin with, then also be able to communicate them both internally to others in the company, and externally to clients (or possible clients). Knowing what the company is trying to achieve and the future they are looking to create should bring excitement, and the people they are communicating with should be able to hear and experience that excitement with them. It is important that employees are asking questions and communicating with their employers and management if there is a lack of understanding. If they don’t know, it is up to them to figure it out!

While there may be slightly different wording when an employee is communicating these statements, the bottom line of the message should stay the same and properly portray what the statements mean to the company as a whole; not what they mean to the employee as an individual. When employees can confidently communicate the mission and vision statements to promote the business externally and motivate other employees to align with them, they become an asset to the company as a great ambassador.


As the employer, it is important to support the employees so they can better understand how to be good company ambassadors. When it comes to making sure they understand the mission and vision of the company, the first thing that will help is making sure the mission and vision statements are accessible. Have both statements visible within the company, whether that means having them printed in every person’s office, on signs within the building, or available on a shared cloud drive or server. It is also important to talk about the mission and vision of the company. Refer to the companies Mission and Vision when making decisions and share how they reflect in the choices being made. Explain what the mission and vision statements mean to the business and have open discussions with the employees to hear how they would communicate them to others. Without communicating what these statements mean to the company, employees will apply their own understanding which could result in vastly different views on what they mean.

Another significant part of sharing the mission and vision of the company with the employees is being excited about them! If you are not excited about what the company is aiming to accomplish and the future the business is trying to create, then how or why would the employees be excited? This wouldn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t any excitement in what the company is doing, this could simply mean the mission and/or vision statements are not properly portraying that excitement. There is nothing wrong with revamping these statements to better represent the company! Here are our tips for building a mission, and a vision statement.

Streamlined Understanding

Being on the same page between the employers and the employees on the mission and vision of the company is one tool that will help greatly in having good company ambassadors. Employers can support the employees in attaining this understanding with visibility, conversation, and their own excitement. Employees will be able to communicate these statements to clients, potential clients, and other employees with an excitement that will leave many people curious and interested in the company!

Next up in this series is the 2nd tip, which is to embrace and live the company values.

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