How to be a Good Company Ambassador: Part 2 – Embrace the Company Values

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This article explains the 2nd tip in our series on being a good company ambassador: embracing the company values.

Being a company ambassador involves representing the company we work for. This is a role that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it impacts the reputation of the company. When an employee works for a company, they are automatically an ambassador. This can be unknown for some, so it is important that employers are able to communicate the importance of this role and what it means for the business. On the other side, it is important that the employees embrace this role and take an active part in being a good company ambassador. Embracing the company’s core values is a great way to ensure employees are aligned and working towards the company’s goals with the same ideals.

Let’s take a look at the 2nd tip in this 6 part series! Each tip will be given to the employees of the company, as well as to the employers to explain how they can support the employees.

Embrace the Company Values:

For the 2nd tip in this series, we recommend embracing the company’s values. Core values are the beliefs, principles, and philosophies that drive a business. Values impact the business strategy, communicate the “how” behind the mission and vision statements, and are a big part of shaping the culture that is created within the company.


A BIG part of being a good company ambassador, is embracing the company values. To embrace the core values of the company they must understand what the values are and choose to live by them. If there is a lack of understanding present, or maybe no knowledge of the company values, it is important that employees turn to their leadership team to clarify. These principles become an integral part of the company culture, and employees should be enthusiastic about being able to represent those ideals for the company through their work, actions, behaviours, and communications.

Values guide the actions and behaviours of the people within the company, and also influence their decision-making process. Before performing an action or making a decision, the employee can ensure they are embracing the company values by stopping and asking themselves: “Does this reflect our values?” If the answer is no, it should be an easy decision to make! We say “should be” because this still takes a level of personal accountability, and also an understanding of what the values mean to the company.


As the employer, it is important to help your employees in understanding and embracing the company’s core values. This does not mean it becomes your responsibility to ensure their understanding, that involves personal accountability from the employee; however, there are many things that can be done in order to help in this process. The first thing that can be done is making sure the company values are visible and well explained within the company. This can be simply typing them out and having them posted in every person’s office, on signs within the building, or sharing them on a shared cloud drive or server. For example, the value “Legacy” could be explained by saying “To leave it for the next generation better than we found it.”

Explaining the values on paper may not be enough to truly communicate what each value means to the company. It is great idea to get together as a team and discuss the company values to see what understanding the employees have, which can be done by asking questions. This then gives you the opportunity to share what they mean to the company.

The best way to communicate the company values, is setting an example by living by them!

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.”
Albert Einstein

Einstein truly hit the nail on the head with that quote. It is completely unrealistic to expect employees to embrace and live by the company values if the leadership team and employers are not showing them an example of what that looks like. Other than literally showing the company values with your actions and behaviours, you can reinforce the values by giving examples of when others have demonstrated them or personal stories of when they were incorporated in business practices, duties, or processes.

The Core of a Good Company Ambassador

Understanding and embracing the core values of a company is truly the core of being a good company ambassador! Employees can ensure their actions and decisions reflect the values of the company which will create a true representation of the company. Employers can help employees with their understanding of the core values by making sure they are properly displayed and explained, while also leading by example.

Next in this series on being a good company ambassador is our 3rd tip, which is creating a company culture worth representing.

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