How to be a Good Company Ambassador: Part 4 – Represent the Brand

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For our 4th tip in this series on being a good company ambassador, we explain how to represent the company’s brand.

If we were to think of our favourite companies, there are many reasons that may come to mind as to why we choose to buy and use their products or services. This could include the quality of specific products and services they offer, the feeling we get when we think of them, the images and visuals that come to mind, or the customer service we receive. When it comes down to it, the experience we get from interacting with that company’s specific brand is what keeps us coming back for more. From the logo to the colour palette used, the tone of their communication and marketing, the fonts used, the packaging of their products; everything reflects that exact experience the brand is trying to create – and that’s what a brand is all about!

Along with all of the aspects mentioned above to create a brand (and much more), the employees are one of the main communicators and representatives of the company’s brand, and are a key part in maintaining the consistency of the brand. This representation of the company makes each employee an ambassador for the company they work for, and there are many ways to encourage being a good ambassador.

This article will explain the 4th tip in our series on being a good company ambassador, which explains how to represent the company’s brand both as an employee and how to encourage it as an employer. Make sure to check out the previous 3 tips in this series if you have missed them!

Represent the Company’s Brand:

A brand is much more than a company’s logo, or the visuals that we see. Branding also includes the personality of the company, the tone of voice used in-person and in writing, vocabulary, the mission, the vision, and the values. There are many parts that make up a company’s brand, and everyone in the organization plays a role in communicating and demonstrating the company’s branding to ensure it is consistent.


For employees to be good company ambassadors, it is essential that they understand the company’s brand and how best to demonstrate it to maintain its consistency. There are many ways that employees communicate the company’s brand including:

    1. Content creation – social media, promotions, marketing materials
    2. Word of mouth – naturally generates brand awareness
    3. Product marketing – demonstrations, launches
    4. Communication with consumers – receiving feedback, reviews, listening for recommendations
    5. Promotional products – business cards, pens, other company branded items
    6. Uniforms – showing the company’s logo on clothing

As you can see there are many ways that employees are demonstrating the company’s brand on a daily basis, and those just scratch the surface! This indicates the importance of employees understanding the company’s brand and the significance of maintaining brand consistency. If employees are unsure if their actions or communications are supporting the company’s brand, it is very important that they ask for clarification from their leaders or the person in charge of the company’s branding.


There are many ways that the company’s brand can be communicated to the employees, along with ways to ensure they are maintaining the consistency of the brand. The first valuable tool to create is a brand guidelines document which explains the different branding aspects of the company and how to apply them to different scenarios such as external communications, creating documents, or explaining the company’s mission, vision and values.

When it comes to social media, it is important to develop a social media guideline that employees must sign-off on. The guideline could include the procedure around personal social media posts, as well as the company’s social media channels where content is posted for the business. This is the best way to ensure that employees will follow company procedures for making posts that may reflect the business. Many businesses will suggest that employees do not post on their personal social media on behalf of the business and also clarify that any employee’s personal posts do not reflect the views of the business, however, companies legally can’t implement strict policies on personal social media platforms. It is suggested to remind employees that what they post on social media is a reflection of their own image as well as that of the company should they mention the company by name.

At the end of this article, we have included a downloadable social media guideline template.

Another great way to ensure the company’s brand is properly represented is by confirming that the employees have an in-depth understanding of what products and/or services the company is offering. An important aspect of this understanding is also their ability to communicate the products and services to possible consumers and customers. It can be very valuable to have team meetings where the products and services are explained before allowing time for the employees to practice explaining to each other the products and services the company offers.

Brand Ambassadors

There is a great deal of effort that goes into creating a company’s brand, so it is very important that it is being accurately represented and maintained for consistency. When representing the company’s brand, each person is becoming a brand ambassador! Employees can make sure they are being good company ambassadors by understanding the company’s brand and how to best represent it, while employers do their part in supporting the employees by implementing and communicating brand guidelines, social media guidelines, and explaining how to communicate the products and services to customers. Working together as employee and employer will ensure the company is being well represented by good company ambassadors!

Next up in our series on being a good company ambassador is the 5th tip: Physical Appearance.

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