How to Be a Good Company Ambassador: Part 5 – Physical Appearance

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For the 5th tip in our series on being a good company ambassador, we explain the importance of physical appearance.

What clients and possible clients think and perceive about a business can be the difference between success and failure. While this may sound harsh, it is true that the image of a company has a great deal of influence on how people view and judge their business. First impressions can be an advantage or a pitfall depending on the judgement that is placed on the business. As most of us are very visual, appearance can be the first thing considered when forming that initial judgement on someone or something. Since employees are generally considered to be the “face” of the company, their physical appearance becomes a representation of the business and can be a key factor in the first impression that is given. In this article we will discuss the importance of physical appearance, which is the 5th tip for being a good company ambassador.

Importance of Physical Appearance

On a personal level, having a physical appearance that we are content with boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. When we are content with how we look, we tend to be happier with ourselves and show more of our positive characteristic traits. This could be as simple as styling our hair the way we like it in the morning, wearing nice or good quality clothing that helps us feel confident and more comfortable in our own skin, or taking care of our personal hygiene and skincare. As the saying goes: look good, feel good! If we are not happy with our physical appearance, then why should we expect others to be happy with the way we look?


When it comes to a professional setting such as our workplace, it is important to understand that employees represent the company’s image – not their own image. It is a privilege to be able to work for a company and represent them to the public eye! Just as we take pride in our own personal image, we should also take pride in our professional image. There is a time and a place for lounging around wearing sweatpants, and another time and place to look our best in order to put our best foot forward.

As company ambassadors, employees demonstrate what customers can expect from the business. We must consider the first impression we would like others to have when viewing us in a work environment. Having a good physical appearance can lead to clients feeling more confident in the employee, which in turn will enhance their confidence in the business.

For some, this may mean adhering to a dress-code policy or wearing company uniforms. Beyond what we are wearing, it is important that we are taking care of ourselves. Hygiene plays a large role in our physical appearance. Have you ever been late for work and rolled out of bed without having much time to spend on getting ready for the day? Throughout the day you tend to feel less self-assured and confident which can be attributed to the unhappiness with our physical appearance that day.


Employers are usually very aware that first impressions count. There really is no getting around it: having a good physical appearance benefits the employees as well as the company’s reputation and image. While it is natural to want to control that image, it is also important to keep in mind that people need the freedom to express their own individuality. So, what can you do as an employer when that freedom becomes at odds with the need to represent a professional business? This may sound tricky – but it doesn’t have to be.

Understanding can go a long way! Communicating to your employees the benefits and importance of their physical appearance to create a level of understanding can be a great start to gaining their support in the matter. Explain the benefits for themselves as individuals, as well as the benefits for the business’ culture and image. It is also good to confirm that the employees understand they are the face of the company and have the privilege of representing the business’s image to others. Ask them what this representation as a company ambassador means to them, and how they think their physical appearance plays a role in that representation to receive feedback and confirm their level of understanding. In addition to communicating these things verbally with staff, it can also be beneficial to implement a dress code and create a dress code policy for staff to follow. A dress-code or appearance policy will allow you to set the expectations regarding what image the company wants to convey.

The Appearance of Success

While there is A LOT that goes into the success of a business, it is important to understand the role physical appearance has in the appearance of success to the public eye. As company ambassadors, employees must understand the role their physical appearance plays in conveying the image of the company. It is also important for employers to decide what image they want to convey and communicate it effectively to the employees.

The 6th and final tip in this series on being a good company ambassador will explain the importance of consistent Customer Service.

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