How to Be a Good Company Ambassador: Part 6 – Quality Customer Service

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This final article in our series on being a good company ambassador explains providing quality customer service.

If you think about different retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that you frequent, it is likely that it isn’t solely the products or services they provide that attract you as a customer. Customer service plays a key role in the experience created and the opinions we form about a business. With that in mind, it is understandable that offering quality customer service is a very important aspect of running a business, obtaining new customers or clients, and retaining those customers as loyal supporters of your business. So, how does this relate to being a good company ambassador? The employees of a company are the ones who create the customer service experience, so it is up to them to provide a quality experience to the customers! In this final article of our series on being a good company ambassador, we explain how employees can make sure they are offering quality customer service, and how employers can support their employees in exhibiting this level of excellence.

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Customer Service

Customers are at the core of every business. When it comes down it, a company’s clientele is what brings in revenue. How can a business improve their relationships with customers? The answer is providing quality customer service, and constantly working to improve that customer service! No matter how great the product offered is or how talented the staff offering professional services are, it is the direct interaction with your company that customers are most likely to remember. The customer service team, or the employees that are client facing, are often viewed as the face of the company – they are company ambassadors! Customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive from those employees.


The first important aspect to being a good company ambassador by offering quality customer service is understanding that if an employee interacts with a client in any form, they are offering customer service! This could be simply passing them in the hallway or a public space, selling them product, providing service, or communicating on the phone or through e-mail.

Here are 3 great tips to keep in mind when providing customer service:

    1. Clear Communication – Be positive, honest, and clear when communicating. Make sure the customer understands what you have said before ending the conversation and offer clarification if not.
    2. Knowledge – Make sure you are informed enough on the products or services of the business to be able to answer questions. If the question is too detailed or technical, don’t be afraid to respond, “I don’t know, however I will find someone that can answer your question.” Customers will appreciate your honesty and willingness to find the answer. You will also learn more about the business in this process if you stick around to hear the answer!
    3. Active Listening – Rephrase and clarify what the customer has said to make sure you understand which also helps ensure that they feel heard. This includes accepting feedback and complaints, as well as being willing to fix your mistakes. Transparency goes a long way!


For the employer to support employees in the quest for providing quality customer service, the first thing they can do is communicate the expected level of excellence. This also means leading by example to demonstrate what this customer service should look like! What would you like the customer service to look like within the company? Should all employees be acknowledging customers with a warm welcome, smile, and be offering their help? Should they be completely honest with customers to create transparency? Are there things that can’t be discussed with customers? These are great questions to consider when communicating what customer service should look like.

Once the expectation is communicated, it is also very important to offer training with the tools staff will need to provide a quality customer service experience and the chance to improve their skills. When offering this training, it is critical to make sure that all employees understand the way they should talk to, interact with, and assist customers – not just the specific customer service staff!

A great thing to consider having in the business to improve the customer experience, is an opportunity for feedback. Having a system for feedback will deliver valuable insights into what the company is doing well, and which areas require improvement. Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to create this opportunity. This will provide an outlet for customers to give information on their experience and to offer suggestions on what would improve their experience with the business. Welcoming feedback from employees is just as valuable, as they are able to communicate what they are seeing and learning from customer interactions.

Quality Customer Service for a Quality Company Ambassador

As explained in this article, offering quality customer service is one of the many great ways to be a quality company ambassador. There are many skills that employees can demonstrate and improve to show superior customer service, while employers can provide the training and tools necessary to establish the level of excellence they would like for customer service within the company. It truly is a privilege to be able to represent a company as an ambassador. With the 6 different aspects we have explained in this series, it’s time to get to action and ask ourselves, “How can I be a good company ambassador?”

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