Keeping Your Brand Consistent: Part 3 – Content

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This article explains how to keep your brand consistent through content.

When it comes to brand consistency it’s important to maintain the same delivery of the brand’s messaging over time. Your brand’s message is anything that portrays your company and the brand you represent; your logo is always used in a similar way, your fonts are consistent, the same tone is used for your content, and colours you use are consistent across all mediums. Each branding aspect and piece of marketing material used should be like members of the same family, supporting and even looking similar to all the other members of the family. By delivering a consistent brand experience to your consumers it creates a specific style that can be recognized and is how you can gain brand-loyal consumers that will choose you over the competition. How can you be sure that you are maintaining consistent branding? Keep reading for part 3 of 5 on keeping a consistent brand: Content.


Once your brand style is established and you have created your guidelines, it is important to refer to them steadily as you create your content for marketing, products, and services. With all of the different marketing opportunities available to showcase your products and services, consistency across the board is more important than ever. This is what maintains your brand image. When creating content, here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to maintain brand consistency:

    • Use your logo consistently
    • Provide employee access to a style guide for visual branding elements
    • Maintain the same tone of voice and personality in your messaging
    • Have a social media team to maintain consistency across all your social efforts
    • Have a Brand Manager to ensure compliance with branding
    • Post content online regularly – develop a schedule
    • Post the right content that reflects your brand’s style
    • Let your online audience know about offline events/opportunities

Your brand can suffer greatly if the logo is skewed, someone uses the wrong font, or your social media post doesn’t have the same impression and look as your website; maintaining consistent content will help your consumers know what to expect from you which will develop trust in your brand.

Are you creating a consistent brand experience?

As your company increases in size and numbers, communication increases, it becomes easier for little things to be missed, and for mistakes to happen within your branding. Whether your business has created its overall look, or you are still working on it, take a moment to ask yourself the following question: Are you creating a consistent brand experience? If the answer is no, the above tip will help guide you in the right direction towards consistent branding.

If you are wondering why brand consistency is important, read our series on Why Brand Consistency Matters.

Next up in our series on Keeping Your Brand Consistent we will discuss Part 4 – Adjustments.

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