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This article is written to discuss posting jobs online and the best options to take!

Gone are the days of job seekers looking in the newspaper for job opportunities, and relying on word of mouth to fill a position has been proven to be ineffective. When your business has a position vacancy, the best way to get the job opportunity out to the public is to post it online.

Online presence opens the talent pool selection, as online job postings reach people locally and in other regions or locations across the globe. The one downfall to online, is that you are susceptible to false profiles or having to source through undesired applicants. There are ways to get around this through filtering systems, which we will briefly discuss later in this article. For now, let’s discuss effective ways to post your business’s jobs online.

Posting job vacancies on your company website is one way to advertise, however, if your business is not well-known, you might want to consider other options to reach the audience you are hoping to attract. To expand on this, it is important to keep the doors of opportunity open whenever possible, which is why we recommend keeping any job vacancies on your company website, so the traffic already there can view what you are recruiting for.

When it comes to in-house recruitment, it can be less time consuming and more cost-effective to invest time and effort into Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), or Job Board Sites.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

ATS is an online, subscription-based software which posts job openings online and tracks, manages, and reports on applicants who apply to those job postings. Depending on the size of your company and recruitment needs, this platform could be the best option for you to consider.


    • Can be integrated with Outlook, so when the recruiter books interviews with the applicants it will auto-populate in Outlook.
    • As soon as you publish any job posting, it is available for job seekers to see web-wide since the ATS automatically posts to various job boards including your company’s website at no extra cost.
    • Posting positions online does not have a daily or monthly fee like some job boards (i.e. Indeed charge) since you are paying a subscription fee.
    • Cuts back on time spent reporting on recruitment metrics or sourcing through applicants.
    • Can set preferences so you only see the applicants who qualify per the set preferences for each position.
    • Stores the applicant talent pool (job postings, resumes, outcomes, etc.) so you do not have to keep records elsewhere.

For example: say your company requires recruitment for 5 positions.

With an ATS, you pay an annual subscription ranging from $2K – $10K. However, with this option, you will have between 10 to unlimited job postings available, meaning you do not need to worry about hidden or additional costs, not to mention the efficiencies as stated above.

Some job boards claim to be free but have hidden fees associated with them, which you will need to be careful about. Some charge $25+/day per job posting – depending on how much visibility you want to have for each opening. Now, if each of your 5 jobs were posted for 31 days at $25/day, you will end up paying $3,875 each month for the 5 job openings. This can add up, especially if you do not find the applicants you are looking for right away and the positions remain open longer.

Top 10 ATS:

    1. iCIMS Recruit – Best for advertising job postings
    2. LinkedIn Recruiter – Not considered an ATS, but features are comparable
    3. Pinpoint – Best for in-house talent acquisition and people teams
    4. Tracker – Best for professional recruitment and consulting firms
    5. monday.com – Best customizable ATS solution
    6. Zoho Recruit – Best applicant tracking system for staffing agencies
    7. Recooty – Best for active and passive candidate sourcing
    8. Oracle Taleo – Best for large enterprises
    9. SAP SuccessFactors – Best for data analytics and reporting
    10. SmartRecruiters – Best for ease of use and user interface

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

A Human Resources Information System will work exactly the same as an ATS, the one difference is that the tracking system is already embedded into your HRIS. You may need to subscribe to the module, though the monthly fee will be low. This option is best suited for companies who already have a HRIS implemented or are thinking about getting one for their business.

Job Board Sites

This option is the most frequently used in smaller organizations, most likely due to visibility and might be better suited for businesses who may not need as much recruitment as others. Job Board sites such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Eluta, and so forth also have partnerships with larger ATS or HRIS.

Job Board sites are great for advertisements and every website has its place in the world! However, the posting fees when using job board sites are relatively expensive and your business may be more prone to fake accounts or scams, and you may have more difficultly finding the right talent pool you are trying to attract. When it comes to efficiency and spending less time on recruitment, you may want to consider other options to posting jobs online.

Good luck on your recruitment strategies! If you need any further guidance or support to developing your recruitment process, including what option to take when it comes to posting jobs online, please contact a BIG Representative!

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