Preparing for a Meeting – Pre-Meeting Checklist

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This article explains a Pre-Meeting Checklist, why it’s important and includes a downloadable checklist.

Most of us have taken part in an ill-prepared meeting, or else have been the one who wasn’t quite organized to hold a meeting. If not, take my word for it and learn from my mistakes! I have been the guilty one that has requested meetings I was not prepared for and have also been on the receiving end of many disorganized meetings that only led to wasted time and no solutions.

When people are ill-equipped it usually leads to frustration on all ends, as the time could have been better spent – and time is something we can’t get back. The reason for a meeting should be to seek out a needed resolution, and when the outcome of the meeting doesn’t include reaching any sort of resolution this understandably can lead to frustration. A good indicator of a successful meeting is people leaving with a sense of relief, direction and or understanding.

So, how can we have meetings that have purpose, are productive, and lead to some sort of resolution? The answer is planning and preparation. Not sure where to start, well we have developed a Pre-Meeting Checklist to help ensure you are more than ready for any of those upcoming BIG meetings!

Download the Pre-Meeting Checklist – Template.

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