Recruitment Workbook: Part 1 – Introduction

Understanding the Workbook

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This article is written to provide readers with an understanding of the Recruitment Workbook and why it could be considered beneficial to use during an interviewing process.

When I started working in recruitment, the thought of misplacing any interview notes scared me, which is why I developed an easy to use excel workbook which put that worry to ease. Not only did it help me keep candidate’s notes together and organized; the managers also found that it was helpful as the answers and notes were typed, so it was easy for them to read.

Having a centralized location that stores candidate’s information (that is also electronic) is especially helpful for situations where you are reviewing the full outcomes for each candidate or need to send a copy to the hiring manager via email.

The Recruitment Workbook is formatted in excel for several reasons, the main one is that in excel, the users can organize each interviewing phase (Pre-screen, Interview and Reference Check) in their own individual tab, rather than on separate documents or in Word format where someone could have trouble locating the beginning and end of each interviewing phase.

Pro Tip: If you print off a copy of the workbook to hand-write answers, it is always a good practice to translate those handwritten notes into the electronic workbook as soon as possible to ensure all questions, answers, and notes are accurate and organized in a centralized location that is readable by all parties.

Over the next several articles we will be breaking down the Recruitment Workbook process and providing templates for each portion of the workbook. In part 2 of this series, we will be releasing and discussing the first part of the Recruitment Workbook: Pre-screens.

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