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Welcome to Big Corp Life, your destination for business tools, coaching, connection, and community for achieving yours and your company’s BIG business goals. 

This guide is to help you understand the basics so you can get started and begin exploring the website before your live orientation, which we will be running biweekly.

To begin with, let’s review the structure of the home page on Below is an interactive screen shot that identifies six features that will help you navigate the website. Simply click one of the blue icons to reveal more detail about the feature in that location.

At this point we ask that you login with your username and password. Login can be found by clicking the MEMBERS Menu (located in the top right corner). Once you are logged in, the website will be unlocked for you to begin learning and using your tools.

As you scroll down the home page you will see each of the Main Menu’s categories. These sections include the category’s newest articles, which are listed by most recent on the left.

You will see that each category follows the same order as the Main Menu. Once you scroll down the home page through the categories, you will see a section that says LATEST. This is where you will see our latest articles from the week.

To the right of these articles, you will find a second search bar, below that search bar you will see the title, TRENDING TOPIC MENU followed by a tag cloud. The tag cloud is a series of searchable terms that you can click on. The size of the words correlates to the number of articles related to that term.

Please click a few words to see the articles that come up. You will see another tag cloud just below the results, so you can continue exploring terms for articles you would like to read. Homepage Latest Posts

Please click the Big Corp Life, logo at the top or Home, on the Main Menu to return to the home page. If you scroll down the page, on the right just below the tag cloud, you will find Most Read. This is where you can find our 5 most popular articles on the website at this moment.

At the bottom of the page, you will find our BIG orange logo on the left and our VITALS, HELP and CORPORATE to the right of it. You can go back to the top of the homepage from any page on the website by clicking the BIG logo. Vitals contains our usage policies. CORPORATE contains information about the Business Integrity Group, as well as jobs currently available for BIG. You can also contact us for enquiries by clicking the Contact button and filling out the required fields. Under HELP is the Support Tab. When you click on this tab you find access to our live member support lines where Monday to Friday, 9 – 5, you can speak to a member of BIG to help answer your questions and assist you. This is part of your membership and will not cost you extra. If you are needing assistance after business hours, please submit an email, or leave a voicemail and we will have an associate contact you on the next business day.

Below all of this you will see an upwards pointing grey arrow in the bottom right hand corner. This grey arrow is a “scroll to top” feature, clicking it at any point will scroll you back to the top of your current page. The arrow appears once you’ve moved from the top of the page, so you can click it at any point once you’ve scrolled and it will bring you back to the start of your page. Homepage Footer Menu

Using Big Corp Life

A quick way to get acquainted to Big Corp Life is to pick a category and scroll through to find articles of interest. We understand your time is a valuable asset, so our articles have been designed to be quick reads, many are multiple parts each having valuable information for the given subject.

For a guided walkthrough of what kind of content we have to offer, follow these steps. In the Search Bar type, Business Planning 101. You will see several articles regarding the subject of business plans, please select Business Planning 101: Part 3 – The Financial Plan. As you scroll down the article below the top image you will find a box that says, Follow Our 5 Part Series – “Business Planning 101” Click on the little orange arrow to the left, and it will open a menu accessing all 5 parts. This menu will show you the linked titles of the other articles in the series.

If you continue scrolling down the page you will find an image of an infographic. When you click on it the image will enlarge, showing the full image. To the left of the graphic in the copy you will see an orange link to download a full resolution image, this is designed so that you can print off and use the graphic in your planning. This system exists throughout the whole website, many articles contain auto-populating editable template forms for your use, as well as graphics for referencing or examples.

Let’s try it out. Search for, “Recruitment Workbook: Part 5 – Recruitment Workbook Template.” Please click on the link and scroll down the page. You will see close to the bottom on the right is an enlargeable form thumbnail image of the download and on the left is a download link. Click the link and a templated form will download. Now open the document and you are free to fill in the form and use it for your business. We also provide access to many pre-formulated financial excel documents that have the calculations built into them, so you simply just enter in your data and the document will calculate for you.


If you ever want to simply look for resource templates or a specific download, go to the Resources Tab in the main menu or use the Resource Library link, which will be at the bottom of all articles that include a downloadable resource.

Once you are in the Resource Library, simply choose the subject that you are interested in and a menu of downloadable resources will appear. This library is growing every week so if you do not see something that you need, please let us know. We have a great BIG list of content coming and appreciate hearing what you would like to see next. If you have any questions or resource needs, call or email our Support line and we will assist you in any way we can.

Members Menu – CEO Chat

To access the Members Menu simply click the orange, MEMBERS, button at the top right corner of the Home Page. This will open up a menu of Member privileges including the “CEO Chat.” Members Menu

Click on, CEO Chat, and the forum will open up for you.

You will see a series of member discussions listed starting with a question or subject. When you click on any of these they will open up and you will see the answers and interactions of other members.

The first place to start is by clicking on, Please Read Before Posting. These are some simple guidelines for conversations and interactions that should be adhered to when using the CEO Chat.

Click, Getting the most out of this forum, and How to start a great discussion for more best practice suggestions. CEO Chat

Although you are not required to, if you’d like to make a post, here is a quick guide to making one! Now, let’s make your first post. Click on the tab that says, Make your first Post! You will see several first posts made by other members. Inside the box below, Leave a Comment, you will be able to type your message. This can be as simple as “Hello,” saying your name, or a comment on the website. You are not required to name your company as many members prefer to remain anonymous. This is simply to test the forum and create your first post.

After you type your message, press, Post Comment, and it will appear with everyone else’s. Congratulations! You made your first Post.

The last step in getting started with the CEO Chat, is the ability to ask a question or start a discussion. On the CEO Chat Home Page, just below search bar on the right hand side, you will find an orange rectangular button that says, New Discussion. Once this is pressed you will choose a category, currently, General, and then your Discussion Title or question. You can go into more depth about your discussion in the box below the Discussion Title. Once you have written what you would like to, press Post Discussion and your submission will be posted for other members to comment on. This is the foundation of this communication opportunity, and your participation will help foster this amazing business community.

Congratulations! You now know the basics to get started using Big Corp Life. Remember to have fun and enjoy this amazing resource at your fingertips.

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Do You Want to Learn More About Membership? Click Here

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