Talent Management: Part 3 – Exit Interviews

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This article discusses the post-hire process and includes a questionnaire and workbook for you to use for Exit Interviews.

Touching Base

Performing Exit Interviews is a common practice and is the last touchpoint with departing employees. The purpose of the exit interview is to receive honest and constructive feedback on the company’s performance which may assist with future planning and company development, as well as understand why the employee is leaving the company.

The exit interview has two sections:

    1. Questionnaire: HR will ask the employee questions regarding their time with the company.
    2. Company Rating: the employee will be asked to rate their final thoughts of the company’s programs and work environment on a scale of 4-1.

In addition to the questionnaire is an Exit Interview Results Workbook. This workbook records all employees’ company ratings in a centralized location throughout the year. At the end of the year, the company will have an understanding of the areas they are excelling in and the areas where they may need improvement, which may be a reason why employees are leaving the company.

Download the Talent Management: Part 3 – Exit Interview Template & Workbook.

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