Termination Letters: Part 2 – With Cause

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This article discusses writing a With Cause Termination Letter.

When a company has made the decision to terminate an employee With Cause, it is crucial that the communique has an executive summary of misconduct event(s) leading to this decision.

What is a With Cause Termination? Terminating an employee With Cause is a dismissal for reasonable misconduct such as discrimination, harassment, violence, criminal activities, insubordination, attendance, violation of company policies, etc.

Did You Know? Businesses retain the full right to terminate an employee for any reasonable misconduct without concerns of legal proceedings, just as long as the With Cause termination is exercised legally. Depending on the circumstance or tenure, the employee might be entitled to severance pay.

The purpose of the With Cause Termination Letter is to provide advance notice of intent to the terminating employee relating to why they are being dismissed. To protect the company from any future legal proceedings and for the employee’s reference this letter should include information such as, but not limited to:

    • Termination Date
    • Summarized details of the misconduct (along with dates if applicable)
    • Summarized details of the steps taken prior to correct the misconduct or explanation why no corrective actions were taken
    • Explanation that they were given clear warning what may happen if they did not cease and desist
    • Explanation of the next steps
    • Information regarding their last pay and when their termination letter will be delivered

Now that you have been introduced to the With Cause Termination letter, and we have provided you with a template for your company to use below, please stay tuned for part 3 of this series when we discuss Without Cause terminations.

Download the Termination Letter – With Cause Template & Example (zip).

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