The Benefits of a Social Media Team

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In this article we explore the ever-expanding world of social media, explaining 7 potential benefits of having a social media team at your business.

Imagine your business is in the thick of a marketing campaign that has expanded to your social media platforms. You are reaching new audiences over the specific social platforms you have chosen to run, which means there are more potential customers engaging with your website and various accounts. Who will be able to answer all the customers questions and enquiries? Who will engage with the customers over the social platforms to ensure you have a responsive presence? Who will be the one to post engaging content? Who will be there to collect and evaluate all the data on the backend to see the results of your social campaigns? We have found that all the above questions can be answered by explaining the benefits of a Social Media Team; so, let’s explore those benefits!

If you are wondering “What exactly is a Social Media Team?” or “When will we know we need a Social Media Team?”, checkout our article on The Importance of a Social Media Team.

Benefits of a Social Media Team

Where to begin! There are a great deal of reasons why a Social Media Team could benefit your company. We have narrowed down that large list to the 7 BIG reasons:

1. Save Time

Putting up a post may not be as easy as you think. A dedicated team will have the right skill sets and knowledge on digital relations and creation to know which content will get the best traction with your target audience.

2. Build Your Brand

Nurturing a relationship with your consumers and potential clients through your social platforms allows your brand to grow. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate brand consistency. For more information on brand consistency, read our series Why Brand Consistency Matters.

3. Leverage Skillsets and Experience

There are many skillsets that go in to managing a social platform. Some of these skills include: copywriting, visual design, understanding the psychology of marketing, advertising, storytelling, photography, and understanding the platform. It is very difficult to find someone with all of these skills, therefore a team allows you to leverage the skills of many.

4. Quicker Response Time

Studies show as many as 42% of customers who complain about a company on social media expect a response within 60 minutes or less. A Social Media Team could provide you with dedicated people to handle customer interactions as quickly as possible with a voice that reflects your brand.

5. Social Monitoring

You can improve customer relations by regularly monitoring your social platforms, answering client questions, replying, and troubleshooting the needs of your consumers as they arise. It would be difficult for one person to manage this on their own. Social Monitoring = Reputation Management.

6. Social Listening

Social listening takes social monitoring to another level. Rather than just responding to direct mentions of your brand, you are pulling insights from all conversation about your brand and the industry you are in to help make better decisions for your business going forward. This great benefit requires someone who isn’t busy just responding to customer’s needs, which becomes very possible with a team of people handling your social media.

7. More Sales

Many small businesses face various challenges in getting new sales or maintaining sales. They have limited resources such as capital, skillsets, marketing experience, and time. As the business grows, growing sales becomes a primary objective. A single person may only be able to focus on regular content creation for your social media, while a Social Media Team could have a position dedicated to directing interested leads to your products and services. Well worth the investment when the resources are available to do so.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A Social Media Team is essential in advancing your social efforts. There are many benefits to having a team that you would simply not be able to obtain with one person managing your social platforms; no matter how skilled or savvy they are. A Social Media Team allows you to surpass any current goals set out in your social media marketing strategy. Now that you have a better understanding of Social Media Teams, the question is, are you ready to start seeing the benefits a team could bring to your business?

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