The Benefits of YouTube for Your Business – Part 1

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This article covers the first 3 benefits of a YouTube brand account:

    • Access to YouTube’s Traffic
    • Boost Search Results
    • Team Management

As we progress in the marketing world of business, it is becoming more and more important to make a virtual footprint with our brand names using digital marketing. Of all the ways there are to market your brand and business these days, one of the best is through the creation of a YouTube brand account. This digital marketing opportunity allows you to make your brand recognizable and visible, through video marketing. Research shows that video grabs and keeps our attention more than written text or pictures and using video has become the proven method to put content in front of potential customers. Business owners across the board are using video more frequently to promote their products and services today, if you aren’t already, this article may help you get started. Let’s explore what exactly a YouTube brand account is, along with 3 benefits of having one.

What is a YouTube Brand Account?

A YouTube brand account is a profile specifically for businesses on YouTube that is separate from any sort of personal YouTube account. Designing a brand account allows a business to run their own YouTube channel where they can share and promote their video content. A YouTube channel is started once you create a brand account and is where all of your video content will be published. You are able to have numerous YouTube channels, however it is recommended to have only one running for your business unless you are targeting different specific audiences with the different channels.

Creating a video is only half of the formula for success. If you think about it, without a social media platform to present your video content on it’s almost as bad as not having produced the video at all! Remember, you always want to be directing your audience back to your site or store where they can purchase your products or services. With YouTube being the second most-visited search engine in the world behind its parent company, Google, it’s not surprising that most businesses choose this platform to promote their video content. Posting videos on a YouTube brand channel can boost your online presence when done strategically.

Benefits of a YouTube Brand Account

1. Access to YouTube’s Traffic

Using YouTube’s brand account to post your businesses video content can easily allow your business to reach a larger audience. As we said above, YouTube is the second most used search engine, which means A LOT of people are viewing videos daily. While billions of people are viewing billions of videos, they are also people of all ages, from every demographic, from all over the world. Interested in the numbers? Here are YouTube’s numbers directly from their website:

    • Over a billion hours of video watched daily
    • 100+ countries around the world, across 80 languages
    • 500+ hours of content uploaded every minute
    • Over 2 billion monthly logged users

With these numbers you are almost guaranteed to find viewers that will become your followers, and potentially customers if you are providing content that is educational, entertaining, and/or provides a solution to their problems. The added bonus of YouTube being used as a search engine is it is also more likely that you will get qualified viewers, meaning viewers that are specifically looking for information relevant to your video. Qualified viewers are more likely to interact with your products and services, as they have typed something in the search bar in search of a specific solution rather than just stumbling on your video.

2. Helps Boost Search Results on Google

Using Google’s universal search, all of the different types of web results are blended together. You may have noticed that videos are appearing more often in Google’s search results, which is showing us that they consider video content to be just as valuable as written text documents. If you are using a YouTube channel to post your video content, as well as having access to your high-quality articles on your website, you will increase your search results on Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Increased search results mean increased web traffic, and increased web traffic is the main goal of digital marketing, because it increases the potential consumer’s exposure to your products and services.

Using YouTube as part of your social media marketing strategy also increases your authority, or credibility in Google’s eyes. The more credible you are to Google, the higher they will rank you in their search results through their algorithm. This is very important because most internet users will choose one of the top 3 search results provided when they do a search.

3. Team Management

Using a brand account in YouTube allows you to create 2 different user access types, owners and managers. Owners can add/edit the users for the account, edit the business information, interact with your audience in the comments, post, and manage videos. Managers have all the same capabilities as the owners; however, they are unable to add/edit users that can access the account. This feature can be very useful, especially when using a social media team that collaborates to manage your social media platforms. Because a YouTube channel must be accessed through a Google account, you are now able to maintain the privacy and security of the main Google account you are using while also allowing those on your social media team to access your YouTube channel.

More Benefits?

There are many ways YouTube can be used as a viable social media platform for your business to grow. With billions of users viewing videos through YouTube, increased Google search engine rankings, and team collaboration, there is bound to be at least one benefit you will encounter from using YouTube as a video content platform. The most interesting fact is that these aren’t even all the benefits you could experience from YouTube!

Come back for Part 2 of “The Benefits of YouTube for Your Business” or for those that have read enough and are interested in making a YouTube account for your business, you can watch this excellent video tutorial below or read through the step by step support guide.

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