The Benefits of YouTube for Your Business – Part 2

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This article covers three benefits of a YouTube brand account: Analytics, Advertising and Making a return on advertising expenses.

When you are using the internet and open your browser to search for an answer to a question, information, or how to do a task, YouTube videos are often near the top of the search results. Companies are discovering that video marketing has quickly become the most used form of digital marketing in the social media environment. The numbers are showing that audiences prefer to watch videos for information because they are able retain information and keep better attention to the content, more than images or written text alone. As a continuation of the article, The Benefits of YouTube For Your Business – Part 1, the following are 3 additional benefits your business may experience from having a YouTube channel:

Benefits of a YouTube Brand Account

1. Access to Analytics

How do you know how well your marketing campaign is doing? Traditional advertising companies often had to rely simply on sales numbers, but with the digital marketing frontier you can now get real data and results from everything you do. Having a YouTube brand account gives you access to Analytics, which provides important data such as audience engagement, demographics, revenue, and interaction reports. The information provided by analytics reports is also referred to as metrics. When read and used in the right way, the information and statistics can help guide important decisions so you can get the most value out of your video content.

These are just a few questions that analytics reports can provide answers to using social media metrics:

        • Who is accessing my videos?
        • How much time on average is being spent watching each video?
        • How much am I spending on paid advertisements?
        • How often are people clicking through to my videos from paid advertisements?

2. Targeted Paid Advertising

The traditional concept of video advertising being primarily through television is slowly fading away. Not only is it expensive but there are fewer and fewer viewers watching tv like they used to. The biggest challenges now are reaching your targeted demographic and how do you know your audience received the message? With a YouTube brand account, you can access Google AdWords for Video. This is a paid advertising feature on YouTube through Google where you are able to target your audience by choosing the types of videos your audience is more likely to watch, then having your paid ads shown on those specific videos. AdWords allows you to increase your earned views, which are the people accessing your YouTube channel within a 7-business day window of viewing one of your paid advertisements. With YouTube paid advertisements, there are 3 different paid ad types you can choose from:

        • TrueView in-stream ads: These are skippable online video ads that appear before the main video. A unique feature of the TrueView ads is you only pay when people choose to engage with your ad; meaning they view it for at least 30 seconds without skipping or click-through to the provided link.
        • Bumper ads: These are short 6 second video ads used for short memorable messages, and they work well on mobile devices. With bumper ads, the main video pauses briefly to show the ad, then resumes after the ad is done playing.
        • TrueView discovery ads: These ad formats appear in YouTube search results, on the YouTube homepage, and alongside related videos.

3. Make a Return on Your Advertising

Google’s AdSense for Video is a program you can use to earn some money back from your marketing expenses directly through your YouTube videos. With AdSense, you are allowing other content creators to display their ads in your videos, and when viewers clock or watch those ads you are paid 68% of the ad revenue. This means you can run AdWords campaigns for your own ads while making the money back by allowing other creators to show their ads on your YouTube videos. Pretty neat for a social media platform to have income opportunity built in allowing you to offset marketing expenses!

Is YouTube for Your Business?

There you have it, 3 more benefits your business could capitalize on from using YouTube for video marketing. Remember that implementing a YouTube brand account will help your business’s online presence grow, however it does take some time! So, what are you waiting for and get started now.

If you’ve decided YouTube is for your company, you can access a tutorial and video made by YouTube’s team on how to create your YouTube channel. Once you are ready to start posting content to your YouTube channel, read some of our other articles to help get you on the right track to posting engaging video content.

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