The Do’s and Dont’s of TikTok

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TikTok, the massively popular social media video platform, has a lot going on for such a simple concept. There are many things to keep track of and different ways to do things. To help make this process simpler and help you get the most out of it we have included a list of 9 BIG Do’s and Don’ts!

1. Trend-watching

DO stay on top of the trends in order to have your videos seen by a broader audience. The best way to stay current on TikTok, is by making use of trending hashtags and sounds/songs. If somethings trending its more likely to show up in your audiences feed for relevant content.

DON’T lose track of trends. Trends are what will propel your content to the next level. Ensure you take part in a trend when it’s at its most popular.

2. Duets

DO Duets. Duets are videos you can create that run side by side in a split screen with the original video and timing. These can be used to create reaction videos or entertaining ‘interactive’ videos This is an amazing way to use the success of a currently trending video to elevate your own.

DON’T underestimate the power of duetting with a large creator or a viral video. Duetting anything that is going viral stands a much better chance of your video going viral. Also make sure your duets are relevant to the original video, you won’t gain or keep any traction if you aren’t adding something to the duet.

3. Challenges

DO respond to challenges. Challenges are any sort of online action people try to do, like breaking an egg between your bicep and forearm or the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” that was started to create awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Challenges are a large part of the TikTok community. Participate in others challenges. Create a challenge of your own and encourage people to take part by duetting or stitching a video with yours.

DON’T forget to tag people in your challenges or use hashtags such as #challenge.

4. Creativity

DO be creative! Creativity is the number one focus on TikTok, despite what you may have heard, it’s not all about repeating dances. Try to make your videos as original as possible. You don’t have to start from scratch, but you’ll find more views from innovative or unique content.

DON’T underestimate your ideas. Some of the most obscure visions have turned into viral videos that rocket the creator into the limelight. You can also take two videos and combine them and make something unique that has never been seen before. The sky is the limit.

5. Education

DO take time to educate the viewer! TikTok users want to learn something new. If you’re passionate about something or you’re an expert, make videos about it. You can show tutorials, a step by step or tips and tricks to keep the viewers involved.

DON’T dumb down content. Deliver the content as you would like to receive it. Chances are there is someone out there who appreciates your education style.

6. Fun

DO keep it light and fun, don’t be afraid to use humour. TikTok is a chance to show a more creative and humorous side of your brand, don’t be afraid to get silly with it.

DON’T be afraid to take a more serious tone if that’s what the topic demands.

7. Get to the point

DO Get to the point quickly, this allows viewers to stay engaged and will allow you to get your message to the user efficiently. 15 seconds is the ideal length of time to get the message to the viewer.

DON’T make it long. The intent of TikTok is to watch quick videos and move onto the next. Try to captivate the viewer in the first 5 seconds and keep it short.

8. Use the correct format

DO use a vertical format. Using this format will guarantee none of your video will be missed, as other formats will be made smaller. Subtitle your TikToks as well, lots of people watch without volume and this is a way to make sure all audiences get your message.

DON’T use landscape to shoot your video. While this is the most widely accepted format for most videos, the format doesn’t work for TikTok and will cause people to rotate their screen where they are more likely to just swipe past your video.

9. Use #Hashtags

DO use hashtags to ensure your video is able to be accessed by people searching out popular hashtags. #foryou #foryoupage #fyp are all very popular hashtags to use. As a business, you are encouraged to create a new hashtag to represent your business.

DON’T underestimate the power of a hashtag. Ensure you use the trending hashtags to increase your chances of having your post seen.

There’s the list, we hope you learnt something new. In the end these are just the best practices for the time, but not the only way things can be done. Number one on the list was trend watching for a reason, as the app is updated and the world changes, new trends and best practices emerge. Remember to DO what works for you and your company and try to have fun in the process. What is trending today, may not be tomorrow. So, make the most of it now!

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