The Importance of a Social Media Team

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This article explains what a social media team is and when to consider creating one.

Congratulations! Your business’s Social Media strategy has been so successful that you are at the point of needing, or thinking you may need, a Social Media Team. Depending on the size of your organization, it may be difficult, even impossible, for one person to handle all your social media activities alone. What exactly is a Social Media Team? When will you know you need a Social Media Team? These are both important questions that come up when your social media influence has expanded, or you are thinking of expanding your social media strategy; so let’s explore those answers!

What is a Social Media Team 

A Social Media Team is a group of people following the social media strategy laid out by the business. The team creates strategic content that supports the goals of the social media strategy and engages with the target audiences over various social platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). There is no standard Social Media Team, and also no standard format for what a Social Media Team does; they will vary depending on the needs of your business. However, there are some general key roles that can be filled.

Four key roles within a Social Media Team include: 

  • Social Media Manager 

Responsible for your social reputation as well as the team itself. The individual should understand your brand, products/services, company values, and your social media strategy.

  • Social Media Content Creator and Curator 

They will manage your brand’s social media voice. The content they create and share should be valuable, timely, and relevant to your audience.

  • Social Media Advertiser 

If you are wanting to use paid ads in your social space, your team may want to consider including a specialist when it comes to an advertising strategy. This person will collaborate with the Content Creator and Manager to develop advertising assets to target specific customers, define target audiences for social campaigns, manage the social advertising budget, schedule the ads, and oversees A/B testing to determine successful campaigns.

  • Community Manager 

This role is for interacting directly with your online audience. Wherever and whenever your brand is mentioned your Community Manager should be listening, monitoring, and ready to take necessary action.

When to consider creating a Social Media Team

If you are considering creating a Social Media Team, you need to first consider your social media strategy. Once you have your strategy, you are able to make decisions on how many people you will need to support your social media goals and targets.

A big consideration in your social media strategy will be the budget you have for your Social Media Team. If you are planning to use more than one social platform and want to create conversation with your audience, chances are you are going to need a team in place!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

A Social Media Team is essential in advancing your social efforts. There are many benefits to having a team that you would simply not be able to obtain with one person managing your social platforms; no matter how skilled or savvy they are. A Social Media Team will help you to surpass any current goals set out in your social media marketing strategy. Now that you have more of an understanding on what a social media team is for, here’s a couple questions for you. Is your business hitting your social media strategy goals and is it time to hire a team to surpass them?

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