The Recruitment Cycle: Part 1 – The Streamlined Recruitment Process

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This article is an introduction to the streamlined recruitment process.

Have you ever waited for a long period of time to hear back from a company, wondering if you were moving onto the next phase of their recruitment process or feeling confused about what the next steps were? If the answer is yes, then you have participated in an underdeveloped recruitment process.

A company’s recruitment process is an applicant’s first impression of how the company functions and handles its processes, so it is crucial to have a well thought-out and developed recruitment process.

For anyone who is involved in the recruitment process, they must understand the role they play within it from the beginning to the end. The fewer parties involved, the more streamlined the process will be. Best practice is to only include those who are directly involved in hiring which is generally Human Resources (HR), the Hiring Manager (HM), and the President.

The first person to contact the applicants should be the only person who communicates with the applicants throughout the entire process. Confusion can arise when there are multiple people contacting the applicants which may result in miscommunication, leaving the applicants confused with whom they are supposed to be communicating with.

The full recruitment cycle involves three phases: Position Approval, Sourcing & Selection, and Onboarding. These phases consist of several steps to ensure the recruitment process flows seamlessly from pre-hire to post-hire.

Join us for Part 2 where we will be discussing the different phases involved in a streamlined recruitment process. Starting with Phase I, Position Approval and Posting.

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