The Recruitment Cycle: Part 2 – Phase I. Position Approval and Posting

The Streamlined Recruitment Process

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The Streamlined Recruitment Process: Phase 1 – Position Approval and Posting

This article is about the first phase of the recruitment cycle and how to begin hiring for a vacant position.

It is important to have a position approval process because the documents and approvals acquired during this phase can be used for future reference. During this phase, the Hiring Manager (HM) will start the recruitment cycle to begin hiring for a vacant position.

Generally, vacant positions will be pre-approved during the budget season, however, there are scenarios when vacancies become available due to business needs.

Pro Tip: If your company does not have a formal budgeting process, it would be beneficial to implement one for workforce planning measures and understanding your company’s overall operating costs.

Documents Required:

    • Job Vacancy Request Form is used when there is a vacancy available that has not been approved for yet. The hiring manager and/or human resources completes this form, which is approved by the President.
    • Job Description Template is used to fill in the details regarding the vacancy’s primary responsibilities, qualifications and working conditions. This is completed by Human Resources and used as the job posting online.
    • Approval to Hire (ATH) Form is a form used by human resources; capturing all compensation and job-related information for the role that is being recruited for. This specific form is unavailable for general download, if you are interested in having this form for your business, please contact BIG for consultation.

Download the Job Vacancy Request Form and Job Description Template Package and follow the steps below for the position approval and posting phase of the recruitment process.

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Phase I. Position Approval – Non-Budgeted Positions

If the position has been budgeted for, skip Step 1 of this process.

Step 1: Complete the Job Vacancy Request Form

Note: If the job vacancy request is not approved, the HM should revisit their staff’s duties and delegate the job responsibilities to those who have room in their workload.

Step 2: Conduct a Job Analysis Meeting, once the position has been approved

    • This meeting is conducted by the HM and HR, which is intended to provide further details around the vacant position’s primary responsibilities, qualifications, and work conditions.
    • In addition, expected pay rate, employee classification, and other job-related details will be discussed to ensure HR is sourcing the appropriate applicants for the role.

Step 3: Complete the Job Description Template

    • The information gathered during the Job Analysis Meeting is used to create the job description.

Step 4: Post the Job Description online for applicants to apply to

Note: Depending on the role and company practice, general practice is to post a role for a maximum of 14 days, 2 days of which are posted internally only to allow current employees time to apply for the vacancy. Some companies keep the vacancy posted online until an applicant is hired to allow their talent pool to grow.

Step 5: Start the Approval to Hire (ATH) Form

This brings us to the conclusion of the position approval and posting phase of the recruitment process. Remember that documentation is key to the recruitment process, it ensures that all decisions and approvals are captured for future reference.

Join us for Part 3 where we will be discussing, “Phase II – Sourcing and Selection”

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