The Recruitment Cycle: Part 3 – Phase II. The Sourcing and Selection Introduction

The Streamlined Recruitment Process

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This article is an introduction to finding applicants and pre-screening in the recruitment process.

During the sourcing phase, Human Resources (HR) will review all applicant resumes who have applied for the vacancy and will provide the Hiring Manager (HM) with a shortlist of candidates to review so they can carefully select which individuals will be invited for pre-screening.

Pro Tip: Best practice is to begin sourcing through resumes 5 days after the role has been posted to allow time for the talent pool to grow. Schedule 1 or 2 days out of the week to source through resumes so you do not get overwhelmed with a large amount of resumes.


Step 1: Source resumes and send a shortlist to the HM for review

    • Each shortlist batch should not exceed 15 resumes

Step 2: Identify which applicants will move forward to be pre-screened

    • Each shortlist batch should not exceed 5 applicants

Step 3: Book the Pre-screens

Step 4: Conduct the Pre-screens

Step 5: Debrief Pre-screens, select which candidates will move forward to be interviewed

    • Generally, 3-5 applicants will be selected

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This brings us to the conclusion of the first sub-phase of the Sourcing and Selection process. The Sourcing sub-phase is crucial to the recruitment process because the company is looking for the right person to fit the vacant role.

Remember for each applicant that was pre-screened, there should be an individual recruitment workbook. This way all their information is captured in a centralized location if they move forward to the next phase.

Join us for Part 4 where we will be discussing, “Phase II – Sourcing”.

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