The Recruitment Cycle: Part 4 – Phase II – Sourcing

The Streamlined Recruitment Process

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This article is an introduction to sourcing applicants and pre-screening in the recruitment process.

First impressions are key to any company’s reputation and if management appears disorganized or unprofessional it reflects badly on everyone involved with the organization. During the Sourcing and Selection Phase, external applicants get a taste of how the company operates its processes, which means the recruitment process should be handled with the highest regard and in a timely manner.

The Sourcing and Selection phase begins when several applicant’s resumes are sourced to be invited to participate in the company’s recruitment process and it ends when one applicant is selected to fill the vacant role.

To ensure your recruitment cycle is efficient, companies should aim to complete this phase within one month from the posting date.

Documents required:

  • Recruitment Workbook is a workbook template used as a centralized location to document each candidate’s pre-screen, interview, and reference check results and information.
    • Each candidate who is engaged in a conversation regarding a position will have their own recruitment workbook.

Note: the questions found on these templates are a general guideline of questions that are asked and can be revised to meet the needs of the company.

The Sourcing and Selection phase is crucial to the recruitment process as the company is recruiting for an individual to fill a vacant role, who is fit for the position, the team, and the company.

There are 5 sub-phases incorporated within this stage which are Sourcing, Interview, Reference Check, Approval to Hire, and Offer Extension, which we will discuss further and provide steps to ensure each sub-phase is followed accordingly.

Join us for Part 5 where we will be discussing, “Phase II – Interviewing”

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