The Recruitment Cycle: Part 5 – Phase II – Interviewing

The Streamlined Recruitment Process

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This article is an introduction to interviewing applicants in the recruitment process.

Once the sourcing phase has concluded and 3-5 candidates have been selected to move forward in the recruitment process, interviews can commence. During the interviewing phase the Hiring Manager (HM) and Human Resources (HR) will ask candidates a set of behavioural, technical, and work culture questions pertaining to the vacant position to gauge if the candidate(s) are fit for the role.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic interviews were traditionally conducted at the business in a private area or informally in a public area such as a restaurant or coffee shop, which can present a more comfortable and neutral space to have a conversation. Since we are living in a world that has been effected by a pandemic, companies are mostly conducting interviews via video conference.


Pro Tip: Provide candidates between 1-3 days to prepare for the interview.

Step 1: Book Interview(s)

Step 2: Conduct Interview(s)

Step 3: Debrief Interview results and decide if any candidates are a fit for the role

  • If a candidate is not selected, return to the Sourcing Phase

Step 4: If a candidate is selected to move forward, request their references

  • Request their references the day that the decision was made to move forward

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This brings us to the conclusion of the second sub-phase of the Sourcing and Selection process. The Interviewing Phase is when the HR and HM get to meet the candidates in-person or virtually to get a feel if they are not only a fit for the role, but also for the team and the company culture.

To learn more join us for Part 6 where we will be discussing, “Phase II – Reference Checks”

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