The Streamlined Recruitment Process: Part 8 – Phase III – Onboarding

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This article offers information on Onboarding in the recruitment process of a new hire.

It is important to have an onboarding phase with a developed process because it ensures that the new hire’s first day runs seamlessly. There are 3 sub-phases to Onboarding including Pre-Onboarding, Onboarding, and Post-Boarding.

Onboarding is done by HR, a supervisor, and sometimes a team member who will contribute by introducing the new hire to different facets of the company.



The first phase of onboarding is where the company will inform the appropriate parties (7 days in advance) to complete the new hire process. This generally includes receiving all the HR forms required to set up the employees’ profile (Direct Deposit, Tax Forms, Benefit Forms, or Policy Signoffs), network access, schedules, required training, travel and accommodations, OH&S equipment, etc.

Step 1: Notify the appropriate parties about the New Hire’s arrival

    • Using the New Hire Form (available for download below, with this reference guide)

Step 2: Complete the New Hire Process

Step 3: Check to ensure the New Hire Process was completed by those involved before the new hire’s start date


This begins on the employee’s first day of work and is the phase where the new hire is introduced to the company’s practices, procedures, work environment, as well as their role and team. It also marks the beginning of their participation in any required training.

The Onboarding Phase is an extensive process that can last from a few hours to several months, depending on the role within the company and the training involved. It is crucial to understand what your business requirements are and who is going to be involved in the process. Best practice is to have an Onboarding Checklist available to ensure no steps are missed throughout the process.

Step 1: Greet the New Hire

Step 2: Conduct Company and HR Orientation

    • This might include OH&S, Information Technology, and Office Services

Step 3: Orientate the New Hire to the team, company, role, and complete any training required

    • This step provides the New Hire with more in-depth information and knowledge that will support them in their new role within the company.


The final phase of onboarding is where HR will conduct a Post-Hire Interview with the new hire to gauge their first impressions on the company and understand where they may need assistance.

Step 1: Book Post-Hire Interview (3 months from the start date)

Step 2: Complete the Post-Hire Interview

Step 3: Review the Post-Hire Interview results with the hiring manager to gauge if there are any actions required as a result from the outcome.

How your company handles the full recruitment process is the first opportunity for the applicant to understand how processes and procedures are handled within your workplace. As we all know, first impressions are everything!

If you require further assistance regarding the Recruitment Process or would like to have one of our associates help build a process for your company, please do not hesitate to contact a BIG representative.

To learn more join us for Part 9 where we will be discussing, “The Reference Guide”.

Download the Recruitment – Part 8 – Onboarding Guide and New Hire Form Template (zip).

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