The Value of Visiting Your Local Promotional Company

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This article explains 3 reasons why going to local promotional companies is valuable.

Using promotional items is one of the most popular ways for a business to market their brand. The goal of using these items is usually to increase brand recognition by relaying a consistent message of what the company represents and promises to the consumers. Brand consistency creates a sense of reliability and dependability, and can lead to gaining new customers and increasing customer loyalty. This consistency can easily be showcased through promotional items, by sticking to the business’s brand and carefully choosing the items to brand and promote. So, how can a business find items that are the right fit for their brand? Visiting local promotional companies is a very valuable resource to use when choosing and designing company branded items.

3 B!G values of visiting local promotional companies:

1. Showroom

The showroom of most promotional and marketing companies will be fully stocked with many different products and brands on display. When you visit on-location rather than only viewing options online, you can go through the showroom to see and feel different items that could be branded. Many of the items will have example branding done to give you an idea of how your company’s logo and branding could be applied. This offers great value, especially for those that are highly tactile. Being able to see the different promotional items can spark great ideas regarding which items would be a good fit for the business, while being able to touch the items allows you to truly get an idea of the quality of the item and what it would feel like for someone else receiving and using it. For example, you may see a blanket that looks great online, but when you get to the location you may decide another option is much nicer and better represents the company’s message.

2. Saves Time and Money

Another great benefit of visiting a promotional company rather than doing everything online or through e-mail communication, is it can save time and money. When not physically present at a location with an expert, you need to communicate questions and answers back and forth through email or phone, which can be time consuming. By visiting the location of the promotional company, you get to sit down with a professional and explain the ideas you have, or exactly what you are looking for. From there you can look at the sample items in their showroom, go through catalogues of the providers they use, and ask all your questions in real-time.

As far as saving money goes, many promotional and marketing companies get discounts through their providers. This means even if you were to look at the items online from the provider, the prices you would have access to on your own would likely be higher than the prices the promotional company would have to offer. When communicating over e-mail, the representative may send links of the items through the provider’s website, then will explain their pricing is lower than what you will see on the website. The promotional company will also facilitate all the ordering, and usually the designing and artwork as well. All of this saves a great deal of time on your business’s end, and time is money!

3. Access to Experts

One of the most priceless benefits of using a promotional company is access to experts. When you meet with a sales or marketing professional, they can offer their knowledge, ideas, and advice, all of which will guide you through the entire process from choosing the item, to applying the company’s brand, ordering, getting the artwork finalized, and communicating with the provider. The knowledge that experts have on different products and options can truly be a great deal of help when deciding on promotional items that are the right fit for a company’s brand and the message they are conveying. Even if you are looking for a specific item, after describing the business and sharing your vision, they may have other suggestions on items that could be a good or better fit for your company.

With their knowledge and experience, experts can also tell you what items most businesses are getting, what the most popular providers are, and the quality vs. cost of different items. It can be highly valuable to know what items are popular, as marketing can be very competitive, and it may be a great idea to choose different items that will make a statement. Even if you do choose an “ordinary” item, such as a coffee mug, they will be able to tell you the shapes and styles that are most typical or most liked by the majority of people. Let’s be honest, we all have those coffee mugs which are thrown in the cupboard and never used again, or taken to the cabin or lake as backups, and then we have our favourite mugs which we use regularly.

The Pros of Promotional Items

As we have explained in this article, there is a great deal of value that can be experienced from visiting local promotional companies. Their showroom will offer many items to see and feel for the full experience, it will help in saving time and money throughout the process, and will offer access to their experts in sales and marketing. Promotional companies really are the pros of promotional items. Next time you are looking to create a new branded item for your company, it is most definitely worth taking the time to visit some of the local promotional companies near you!

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