Tips for Building Your Vision Statement

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This article covers 3 tips on building a vision statement for your company:

  • Define Your Ideal Future
  • Provide an Attainable Challenge
  • Make it Memorable

Vision is defined as “the act or power of anticipating that which may or will come to be”. Really, every new business or organization starts with an idea, and it’s that idea that forms the vision for the business. It is through a vision statement that companies have the opportunity to share their foresight of what they want their future to look like. A vision statement answers the question of “where do we want to go?”, “What do we want to be?” So, with those broad questions in mind, here are 3 tips we have on building your vision statement:

If you are not quite ready to start creating your vision statement, or are looking for more information, see our article Vision Statement: What is it and isn’t it?

Define Your Ideal Future

When you are first beginning to think of your company’s vision statement, a great place to start is envisioning what an ideal future would be for your company. What are some of your company’s long-term goals? What would the world look like in your ideal future? What change would you influence? This is the opportunity to truly idealize the future you are creating with your brand. Define the ‘perfect’ future you visualize, then write it down in present tense. It is important that your vision statement is written as something you are currently working towards achieving as a future goal, and not something you have pushed aside to accomplish eventually.

Provide an Attainable Challenge

While you want your vision statement to be inspiring, you also don’t want it to be so unrealistic and lofty that it is disregarded or even discarded by your employees. Your aim should be to set a vision for your company that will challenge the organization to excel and work together towards a common goal. You don’t want to be timid in setting your goals and have them be too easy to achieve, and yet at the same time you don’t want the objective to be unattainable. Your company’s vision should be stable enough to make it worthwhile for the effort put in to attain it, while also being dynamic enough to adapt to change within the business. In other words, your vision should be attainable in current times and be able to adapt to changing times. Ensure that the hopes and dreams you set for your company are attainable and exciting, or they could end up leaving your team hopeless.

Make it Memorable

The point of your vision statement is to inspire, and if people aren’t remembering your vision than it is most likely they were not feeling inspired. The best vision statements are remembered because they are to the point; short and sweet. It is easier for us to remember a few words or a short phrase rather than a couple sentences or a paragraph. A well-written vision statement should give the reader excitement and leave them wanting to stay-tuned for the accomplishments to come.

Is Your Vision Creating a Statement?

The above 3 tips will help get you started to create a motivating and memorable vision statement for your company. If you have yet to create a vision statement for you company, we hope that this article has provided you some valuable insight into what your vision statement should accomplish. Visualizing your perfect future, providing a goal that is inspiring yet attainable, and summarizing it all in a few memorable words can all help in creating an impressive vision statement that can act as a guiding light to employees for years to come. If your company already has a vision, then we challenge you to ask the following question: “Is our company’s vision creating a statement?”

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