Training Grants and Subsidies: Part 3 – The Canada Summer Jobs Program

Government Funds for Your Employees Growth

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This article is Part 3 of the training grants and programs made available by the Government of Canada discussing The Canada Summer Jobs Program that is available for businesses to offset the costs of training employees.

This grant is designed to support employers providing supervised career-related work experience for youth employees.

This is to further develop their skills and knowledge, preparing them to make a transition into employment. This program defines youth employees as new hires between the ages of 15-30 that can benefit from temporary summer work experience.

Businesses that have their applicants approved can receive 75%-100% of minimum wage in youth hiring grants. Please ensure to check the website for the Canada Summer Jobs administration rules as these are subject for review.

Funding Amount

  • Public and private sector employers can receive hiring grants up to 50% of employee minimum hourly rate
  • Non-profits can receive hiring grants up to 100% of the employee minimum wage rate plus mandatory employment related costs
  • This amount is capped at a maximum $300,000 per employer, per province or territory

Eligible Applicants

  • Businesses must have 50 or less employees
  • Positions must equate to 30+ hours per week, spanning between 6-16 weeks period of employment
  • Hiring opportunities for ages 15-30 that will benefit from temporary summer work experiences

For more government funding grants available for businesses to access see Part 4, “The IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP),” designed to assist in the funding of hiring young Canadian post-secondary graduates.

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