Why Brand Consistency Matters: Part 3 – It’s Essential for Marketing

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This article covers the third reason why brand consistency matters: it’s essential for marketing and will help you to reach the next level.

Coca-Cola is more than just a drink, a Burberry purse is more than just a bag, and Ray-Bans are more than just sunglasses. When we interact with products and services we are provided with an experience, and it is that experience that we are investing in. Your business should know exactly what experience you are wanting to create for your consumers, and that is why you create a brand.

Brand systems are created through consistent delivery of the brand experience over time. Consistency means your consumers are being exposed to your mission, core values, visual branding and other brand elements repeatedly. It is the consistent, desired experience you provide that builds your brand. Here is the third reason why brand consistency matters:

It’s Essential for Marketing

Think of one of your favourite brands. Without them showing a single slogan or advertisement you can most likely already picture being in their store, the products you like, the experience or service you will receive, and what you would like to buy. Brand consistency takes you to that next level of marketing. Once you create your brand’s consistency, consumers will see your signature brand logo and already be thinking about their experiences with you and what they’d like to purchase next, without having to be asked. Essentially, with consistent branding your brand will begin to market for itself!

Another advantage of consistent branding in the marketing world, is it differentiates your brand from competitors. In competitive markets with many near-identical offerings of products and services, brand consistency can be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing them to the competition. Recalling a brand is like recalling a person. When you first meet a person, you don’t remember everything about them. As you continue to get to know each other, you will begin to notice the consistencies that help you recognize who they are such as the sound of their voice, their height and their mannerisms.

If that person were to start changing their appearance and actions, or speaking differently, it may be challenging for you to recognize who they are. Similarly, when brands change their branding elements and there are inconsistencies, their consumers may not recognize them. Leveraging your brand’s consistency will communicate time and time again that your company’s brand can be trusted, is dependable, and should be chosen over the competition.

Consistency Is Key!

Your brand consistency can also be used as a competitive advantage in your marketing strategy. It can be the key factor between earning a loyal customer or losing them to the competition. If your branding is inconsistent, that is the exact experience your consumers will begin to expect from your business; inconsistent and unreliable. A can of Coke always tastes the same, that’s why it’s the first image that pops in your head when someone asks if you would like a pop. Leverage your brand consistency; it can be what sets you apart from the rest of the market.

Interacting with your consumers through consistent branding is a major step towards being recognized. Once consumers know your brand and you gain that trust, their loyalty will make them more likely to purchase your products, and more likely to recommend you to their peers. As the broken record plays: “consistency is key”! We challenge you to ask yourself the following question: “is our brand consistent enough that a logo alone could market our company?”.

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