Writing Job Descriptions: Part 5 – Written Content – Company Information

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This article is written to provide you with details on what written content is typically captured in a job description when describing your company.

In part 4 of this series, we discussed the written content captured in the Job Description Information section. In this part, we will continue with written content, but will discuss what details are typically included when describing your company.

Company Information Section

Now that you have completed the Job Description Information section, you can finalize your job description by providing an executive summary of your company, its culture, and what the total rewards package includes.


At the start of this section, you will want to introduce your company by summarizing details on how it started, when it started, what products or services it provides, or what distinguishes it differently from its competitors.

Here would be a great opportunity to market your company’s brand and image by writing the description in a way that brings in excitement and engages your applicants to want to work for your company and contribute to its overall success!

Total Rewards

In this section, you will provide the details which outline what the position’s total rewards incentives are. Keeping it written in bullet point form, ensure that the information you provide is accurate and directly related to the position. Do not include details which relate to another position’s total rewards.

Generally, when applicants are looking for new job opportunities, they might be curious to know what the total rewards package includes. So, why not set the tone for transparency and let the applicants know on a high-level note what the position’s package includes!


Finally, it’s time to conclude your company’s summary (and job description) with an exciting summary of your company’s culture and perhaps details on how it incorporates its mission, vision, and values when it comes to treatment of your employees.

Now that you understand what you can include when writing your company executive summary to market your business’s brand and culture, which can make your company more appealing to applicants, you now have the full details on what information is generally captured in job descriptions!

Download this resource article Writing Job Descriptions Part 5: Written Content – Company Information (pdf).

Please stay tuned for part 6 of this series when we discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of writing an effective job description!

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